Ellen: Jessica Simpson Braxton Hicks Contractions & Snoogle Review


Ellen: Jessica Simpson Elle Magazine

How close did Jessica Simpson come to delivering her baby on Ellen’s show? Pretty close. There was even a paramedic on standby.

The fashion mogul, singer, and reality TV personality is “due any second,” as the talk show host mentioned, and recently bared her pregnant body for the cover of Elle magazine.


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Ellen: Jessica Simpson Pregnancy

Jessica Simpson talked to Ellen about her upcoming due date and pregnancy fashions. (Image Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Jessica Simpson Pregnancy Heels

Despite her serious pregnancy, she wore heels on Ellen’s show, saying her concession to comfort was her flowy maternity top. “It’s not safe,” she said of her tiny heels. “It’s all for the sake of fashion.”


Jessica Simpson Contractions

“I had contractions last night, and I freaked out a little bit,” she said, explaining that she experienced Braxton Hicks Contractions. Jessica said she is due within the next few weeks. “I feel like I’m in a fat suit.”

Ellen: Jessica Simpson Pregnancy Cravings

To make Jessica comfortable, Ellen gave her some snacks she has been craving, including Onion Rings, which Ellen explained are OK for her to eat as a vegan.

Jessica asked Ellen about what she types of Tex-Mex cuisine she can eat, and Ellen mentioned salsa and guacamole.

“But not the ground beef?” Jessica asked.

Ellen: Gardein Beef Substitute Review

Ellen said she loves the Gardein beef substitute because it tastes just like the real thing, but Jessica said she doesn’t usually enjoy meat substitutes.

Ellen: Jessica Simpson Snoogle Review

The talk show host also surprised Jessica with a Snoogle, a large body pillow for snuggling. Apparently, Jessica already has at least one other Snoogle, but not in the color blue, which Ellen gave her.

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Ellen: Jessica Simpson Baby Sex

Jessica Simpson told Ellen she is only pregnant with one child, a girl, which is surprising given her size at this point. “Believe it or not, there is only one girl, but I did get knocked up by a baller,” Jessica said, for some reason.

She explained to Ellen that her definition of a Baller is a “big football player.” Jessica is married to former NFL player Eric Johnson.

Ellen asked if doctors have estimated the baby’s weight, and Jessica said she is expecting it to be at least eight pounds. Ellen pointed out that there is a paramedic on set in case Jessica went into labor during the show.

Jessica Simpson: Celebrity Baby Name Generator

Jessica said she and the baby’s father already have a name picked out, but they aren’t revealing it until after the birth.

To help Jessica come up with possible alternatives, Ellen showed her the Celebrity Baby Name Generator. It came up with some outlandish names she could choose from, including:

  • Stapler Thunderstorm
  • Fiddle-Faddle Kazoo
  • Thursday Foghorn

“Thursday Foghorn is my favorite, but you decide,” Ellen said.

Ellen: Jessica Simpson Baby Gifts

Ellen presented Jessica with some pink slippers that look like high heels, as well as a pink maternity dress that looked like an enormous version of Sophia Grace & Rosie’s Tutus.

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