Ellen: Jessica Mauboy Opens for Beyonce & Hayman Islands Resort Review


Ellen: Jessica Mauboy Enters Australian Idol

Ellen invited Austalian singer Jessica Mauboy on the show to talk about her new movie role, deciding to enter Australian Idol and opening up for Beyonce.

Malboy told Ellen she grew up in small town in Australia where she would perform anywhere. She said if she found anywhere that was looking for a singer, she would turn up and ask them if she could perform. Although she was getting a lot of work around the community where she lived, she didn’t get her big break until her father convinced her to enter Australian Idol. She admitted she was really nervous at first, saying she was always the girl in the back of the classroom who never talked. But when she got on stage during Idol, she knew it was where she wanted to be.


Ellen: Jessica Mauboy Opens for Beyonce & Hayman Islands Resort Review

Ellen invited Jessica Mauboy to talk about opening for Beyonce, getting her big break on Australian Idol and two women got the chance to go to Australia. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Jessica Mauboy Opens For Beyonce

Mauboy recently had the honor of opening for Beyonce, which was one of the most incredible things she has ever done. She said she was a little embarrassed when Beyonce watched her rehearse because no one told her she was in the audience, but she thought she did pretty well during the rehearsal.

“She is a goddess,” Mauboy said.


Ellen: Jessica Mauboy’s Award-Winning Performance In The Sapphires

Mauboy won the equivalent of an Oscar for her performance in The Sapphires and Ellen could not stop talking about how great the movie is. Mauboy said the film is based on the true story of four Aboriginal women who traveled to Vietnam in 1968 to perform for the American and Australian troops during the Vietnam War.

Today, those woman who traveled so far just to perform for their country are still working in the Aboriginal community.

“They are such great women,” Mauboy said. “They are the aunties of Australia.”

Ellen: Boomerang Blitz Great Barrier Reef Edition

Ellen invited two women on stage to compete during her game Boomerang Blitz Great Barrier Reef edition, where the two women didn’t actually have to do anything. Instead, Ellen brought out Lauren and Jeannie to play for a trip to Hayman Islands in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

The questions were pretty bizarre and the answers more so, but in the end you know Ellen isn’t only going to send one person to Australia  The winner did get to go to the resort but the loser also got a trip to Australia as well, she just didn’t get to stay in the resort.

Check out all the crazy antics during the game in the video below.

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