Ellen: Jessica Alba The Honest Company Natural Baby Products Review


Ellen: Jessica Alba The Honest Company Review

For many Hollywood stars, long hours on set and keeping up with media appearances make for a full schedule. When you add parenthood on top of that, it can become even more taxing. But for some, passion projects take on a life of their own, and they find the time to pursue things they love.

That’s how Jessica Alba created The Honest Company. A few years ago, when she was preparing for the arrival of her first child, she said she did a lot of research about how to stock her nursery.


“I found out…that there’s a lot of toxic chemicals in everyday household products,” she said, mentioning couches, mattresses, shampoo, and more.

Ellen: Jessica Alba Honest Company

When Jessica Alba couldn't find the baby products she wanted, she created her own line called The Honest Company. (Image Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: The Honest Company Review Jessica Alba

Just finding cleaning supplies and baby products that were environmentally friendly was a challenge, so she created her own line of goods. It’s called The Honest Company, and their products are safe for your family, your pets, and the environment.


“I wanted them to be really cute, and I wanted them to perform, and I wanted them to be affordable and accessible,” she said.

Ellen also pointed out that The Honest Company’s products are recyclable and biodegradable. Products include diapers, hygiene products, cleaning supplies and more.

“You should do something…to fill that need, and from a place of true interest and passion,” Ellen said of Jessica’s motives. “What a crazy thing that our babies and we are breathing in all that stuff.”

See Jessica Alba’s products at The Honest Company website, honest.com.

Ellen: Jessica Alba & Cash Warren Parenting

Jessica Alba brought Ellen DeGeneres a lot of family photos featuring her daughters and their father, her husband Cash Warren. One of them featured Honor in front of an ice cream truck, but the actress revealed that they don’t let her eat ice cream.

As Ellen pointed out, at least she can look back at pictures and think she got to enjoy ice cream while growing up.

Ellen: Jessica Alba Gifts

As a gift for Jessica and her family, Ellen presented the actress and entrepreneur with outfits made from recycled diapers produced by The Honest Company, “to prove that they’re recyclable.”

I wonder if Ellen’s gifts to her real life friends are as wacky as the ones featured on her show. She also created a purse for Jessica’s daughter Honor.


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