Ellen: Jessica Alba Disneyland Tokyo Review & Motherhood


Ellen: Jessica Alba Motherhood

When Jessica Simpson last appeared on Ellen, she was so pregnant she was ready to burst. Now she has finally had her baby. Ellen DeGeneres said that another Jessica, actress Jessica Alba, was also very pregnant during a previous appearance on the talk show.

Now, Jessica’s daughter Haven is eight months old, and Ellen is saying “I told you so.” Ellen claims she has correctly predicted the genders of both of Ellen’s children. But a look back at the tape shows she guessed wrong on the sex of Haven.


Ellen: Jessica Alba Daughters

Jessica Alba has two daughters: Honor, age 4, and Haven, eight months. (Image Credit: DFree / Shutterstock.com)

Jessica Alba recently vacationed in Japan and South Korea, and “it was cool to teach Honor about different cultures,” explaining that she bowed and thanked everyone in Japanese. But Jessica explained that she strictly enforced etiquette and good manners when traveling with her young children.

Ellen: Jessica Alba Disneyland Tokyo Review

If you are looking for a Disney vacation this summer, you might want to consider visiting their park in Tokyo, Japan. “There were five-minute lines,” Jessica Alba reported after her recent vacation there.


She said that it was much more polite and organized, and she had an awesome trip on the whole. However, some of the characters had masks instead of faces, which seemed to upset her young daughter.

The fairy godmother, for example, did have a sort of creepy mask in Jessica Alba’s vacation photos.

Ellen: Jessica Alba’s Daughter Purses

Ellen and Jessica talked about her daughter Honor’s obsession with purses, and Jessica admitted that her daughter is a budding kleptomaniac. “Sometimes she can’t fit everything in one,” she said of her four-year-old, who claims whatever she finds and stashes it in her purse.

Jessica has been trying to explain that stealing things doesn’t make them hers, which I guess is probably a hard thing to teach to children, especially when you see adults getting away with it.

Ellen expressed concern about the problem, but Jessica said that’s not the only thing on their plate. She and her father are also at odds about their toddler’s interest in makeup.

What do you think are the biggest challenges when it comes to parenting toddlers? What is the hardest lesson or concept to teach young kids?


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