Ellen: Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Puppy & Modern Family Review


Ellen Chats With Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Ellen heard all about Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s puppy and talked to him about Modern Family and Out Magazine.

Ellen: Modern Family Review

Ellen Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Ellen heard all about Jesse Tyler Ferguson's puppy and talked to him about Modern Family and Out Magazine (Image Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen showed a video clip from ABC’s popular sitcom, Modern Family.


The clip featured Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s character, Mitchell Pritchett, having just received a prestigious award for his work in environmental law.

His family members congratulated him and tell him how proud they are of him.

Mitchell humbly told them it’s not like he won an oscar.


Then a solo shot of Mitchell showed Mitchell talking to the camera in private.

“In the environmental law community, it kind of is an oscar,” he said.

Ellen: Jesse Tyler Ferguson Holiday Signs

Jesse Tyler Ferguson walked onto Ellen’s stage with a large sign draped over his front and back sides. The sign over his front side read, “Holidays were fine. Stayed in Town. 20 people-No fights.”

“When you go into work after the holidays…everyone asks the same questions,” Jesse said. “So here ya go.”

Ellen asked Jesse what the sign over his back side was. He explained the back side was for answering questions about his new year’s eve. The sign said, “Stayed in. Don’t make them. Still hung over.”

Ellen and Jesse Tyler Ferguson Dressed The Same

After Jesse removed his sign, he and Ellen marveled at how similarly they had dressed. They were both wearing vests with scarfs over top of long sleeved shirts.

Ellen: Modern Family SAG & Golden Globe Nominations

Ellen congratulated Jesse Tyler Ferguson for Modern Family‘s success, noting that it had been nominated for a SAG award and a Golden Globe award.

Jesse said the show is still a lot of fun to do, even though he’s been doing it for several seasons.

Ellen: Jesse Tyler Ferguson Out Magazine Actor Of The Year

Ellen congratulated Jesse Tyler Ferguson for being Out Magazine’s Actor Of The Year.

However, Ellen had her concerns. She opened the magazine to one of the pictures that featured Jesse shirtless with a blindfold over his eyes.

After Ellen teased him about it, Jesse explained that the picture was a concept picture, not one that demonstrated his affinity for S&M.

“They cropped it,” Ellen joked. “The full photo y’all get to see.”

Ellen showed a picture of the blindfolded picture of Jesse photoshopped on top of of a male body wearing nothing but a pair of black briefs that said “ellen” across the butt.

Jesse laughed and said those underwear were surprisingly comfortable.

Ellen: Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Puppy

Jesse Tyler Ferguson told Ellen that he and his boyfriend, Justin Mikita, recently adopted a puppy! The pup is a morkie, which is half maltese and half yorkshire terrier.

Jesse and Justin decided to adopt the puppy when their friends had a litter of puppies and couldn’t get rid of the runt of the litter. The poor pup had an extra rib, a kinked tail, and only one testicle. So Jesse and Justin gave it a home.

Jesse and Justin named the puppy Leaf, after Leaf Coneybear, the character that Jesse played in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

Ellen: Jesse Tyler Ferguson Doesn’t Know Who Leaf Garrett Is

Jesse said that when he and Justin tell people they named their morkie puppy Leaf, people tend to ask whether they named it after Leaf Garrett.

Jesse said he’s so tired of having that conversation that he now says “yes” even though he has no idea who Leaf Garrett is.

Ellen was shocked to hear that Jesse didn’t know who Leaf Garrett was and showed him a picture of Leaf from the days when he was a teen heart throb.

“I so wish that was him now,” Jesse said. “I want that look!”


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