Ellen: Jesse Tyler Ferguson ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ + DWTS Audition


Ellen TV: Jesse Tyler Ferguson

As Ellen DeGeneres said, you know her next guest as the hilarious Mitchell on Modern Family. She welcomed to her show Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

Ellen said it was his eighth appearance on the show! They talked about how his co-star Eric Stonestreet will be on her next episode, and how Jesse is a bit competitive and wanted to appear as if he had been on the show more. He then had Ellen reintroduce him and he ran out again, this time with a hat on. He then immediately ran out and ran back in, this time wearing a bow-tie. Finally, he ran back out and came back in wearing a sombrero.


Ellen: Jesse Tyler Ferguson Who Do You Think You Are

Ellen: Jesse Tyler Ferguson 'Who Do You Think You Are' + DWTS Audition

Jesse Tyler Ferguson stopped by Ellen to talk about looking into his past and then showed off his incredible dance moves. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen asked Jesse Tyler Ferguson what he did over the summer, and he shared that he did the show Who Do You Think You Are. Ellen said she really wants to do the show. Jesse explained that the show basically shows you your heritage, and when he did it, he followed his great-grandfather’s line.

He said he learned murder and embezzlement were a part of his family, saying that he learned his great-grandfather was accused of murdering his aunt. He said his dad, upon learning it, said, “lots of kids do crazy things when they’re young.”


His great-grandfather was acquitted of murder, but Jesse said he ended up in Alaska because his great-grandfather sponsored a gold rush. Jesse didn’t even know that his family was in Alaska. Jesse said Lisa Kudrow knew his whole story but was very protective of him, making sure he was okay during the whole process.

Ellen TV: Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Modern Family

Ellen said Modern Family just earned its fifth Primetime Emmy for outstanding comedy, which is unbelievable! Ellen said the writing continues to be so strong and is not only hilarious, but also warms your heart.

Jesse said the show also has some social relevance to it.

Ellen: Jesse Tyler Ferguson Dancing With The Stars

Jesse Tyler Ferguson explained that sometimes he guest judges on So You Think You Can Dance and his mom thought that he should be a contestant on Dancing With The Stars because he appears on a dancing show.

Ellen said she wanted to help him audition by calling out styles of dance, and having Jesse show off his dance moves for each dance.

Ellen first called out Bollywood and then had Jesse Tyler Ferguson salsa. As funny as he was dancing, it actually wasn’t bad! Ellen then called out “modern” to which Jesse said “my favorite!” He then proceeded to interpretive dance to a very slow beat.

Ellen said she wanted to end it with some hip-hop to which Jesse busted out some moves that definitely surprised me. Ellen wasn’t the only one cracking up!


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