Ellen: Jesse Tyler Ferguson Political Trivia & Correspondents Dinner


Ellen: Jesse Tyler Ferguson Trivia Quiz

I can’t decide what Ellen DeGeneres enjoys more: playing games or embarrassing people. Neither can she, which is why it’s a good thing she so often gets an opportunity to do both.

She invited Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson to answer some trivia questions in preparation for his upcoming evening at the White House Correspondents Dinner. In doing so, she had him wear a protective suit and goggles.


Ellen: Jesse Tyler Ferguson White House

To prep Jesse Tyler Ferguson for his White House visit, Ellen shot paint and food at him. (Image Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Then he stood in the contraption Andy used last week in the Live Band-Aid Commercial. Ellen’s plan was to pelt Jesse with a squirt gun and other gross food items if he got questions wrong. Here are the questions.

Ellen’s Political Trivia: White House Correspondents Dinner

Jimmy Kimmel will host this year’s White House Correspondents Dinner. Name at least one other person who has hosted the dinner.


Jesse named Wanda Sykes, which is a correct answer.

The White House Correspondents Association was founded in 1914 under which president?

Jesse’s answer was Jerome, which was not a president. His first catapult punishment was chocolate pudding. At least that one might taste good.

Ellen: Jesse Tyler Ferguson Trivia

You grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Name New Mexico’s two senators.

Jesse guessed Sanchez and Garcia, which was incorrect. He got pelted with flour as a punishment. “I feel like I have a yeast infection in my mouth,” Jesse said, so Ellen shot the squirt gun at him.

You are one of the stars of Modern Family. Name the members of Vice President Joe Biden’s modern family.

Jesse blanked here again, naming Lady Biden, which was wrong enough that Ellen catapulted paint at him.

The White House is located on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. With five seconds on the clock, please spell Pennsylvania backwards.

Jesse cracked under the pressure, but at least he was a good sport for putting up with all of Ellen’s abuses. One day her celebrity friends are going to team up and get their revenge on her.

How would you have done with Ellen’s political trivia questions? This game seems harder and more stressful than Know Or Go.


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