Ellen: Jennifer Love Hewitt Directs The Client List & Has Peanut Joke


Ellen: Jennifer Love Hewitt Head-Turning Dress

Jennifer Love Hewitt was on the show today and she was looking stunning in an all black, low cut dress that Ellen said looked amazing. She also thought it wasn’t done being sewed since the neckline dipped so low. Matthew Perry, who was co-hosting the show with Ellen, said he couldn’t even look in Jennifer Love Hewitt’s direction because the dress was so revealing.

“The dress is kind of like ‘wowza,'” Jennifer Love Hewitt said. “Sorry.”


Ellen: Jennifer Love Hewitt Directs The Client List & Has Peanut Joke

Ellen talked with Jennifer Love Hewitt about directing The Client List, she told a joke about peanuts and she almost gave Matthew Perry a heart attack. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Jennifer Love Hewitt Joke About Peanuts

Anyways, in light of Matthew Perry being on the show and having so many jokes to tell all the time, Ellen wanted to hear a joke from Jennifer Love Hewitt. Surprisingly, she had a pretty good joke ready.

A guy walks into a bar and there is no one there except for the bartender. He orders a beer from the bartender, sits down and sips his beer. After a few minutes the guy hears someone whisper, “Psst. Hey, nice tie.” The guy looks around the bar and doesn’t see anyone. A few minutes later he hears someone whisper, “Psst. Hey, nice shirt.” The man looks around again but no one is there. Finally, a few minutes later he hears someone whisper, “Psst. You look like a nice guy.” The man is startled at this point and asks the bartender who keeps talking. The bartender turned to the man, pointed to the peanuts he was sitting by and said, “Those are complimentary peanuts.”


Ellen: Jennifer Love Hewitt Directs Episode Of The Client List

Jennifer Love Hewitt seemed pretty nervous to to tell a joke about peanuts, but Ellen couldn’t figure out why since she doesn’t seem to be nervous about wearing lingerie on the set of The Client List. Apparently, telling jokes is a bit more difficult for her.

She also said it was quite hard to direct all the people on the set when she was only wearing a corset. Matthew Perry said if he was on the set of that show, he would listen to whatever she says.

I think Matthew Perry has a crush.

Ellen: Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Grandma Loves The Client List

Hewitt said her grandma loves watching The Client List, but she only watches the parts she approves of and she even calls her Jennifer Love Hewitt her “little TV ***.”

Ellen: Jennifer Love Hewitt Stays In Shape By Roller Skating

So how does she keep her body looking good enough to land on the cover of Shape? Roller skating. Jennifer Love Hewitt said roller skating is a great workout. She also likes to do pilates and she recently tried the booty workout which she also liked.

You can see more of Jennifer Love Hewitt in the newest episode of The Client List, which she directed as well as starred in, where her character has to decide what to do after she is offered $50,000 to sleep with a man. The episode airs this Sunday, April 21 2013.

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