Ellen: Jennifer Aniston’s Puppy Sophie Cat Disguise Costume


Jennifer Aniston Sophie Cat Disguise

Because Jennifer is the Sexiest Woman of All Time, she probably has to deal with paparazzi. Ellen wanted Jennifer’s puppy, Sophie, to be able to go out in public without getting hassled.

That’s why Ellen got Jennifer’s dog a disguise. The costume featured a leather jacket as well as a headband with cat ears and whiskers.


“That’s adorable,” Jennifer said. Ellen couldn’t wait to see pictures of Jennifer’s dog Sophie wearing the outfit.

Read about Dog Fashions With Tim Gunn. Have you ever dressed your dog or cat in a silly costume?

Jennifer Aniston: Wanderlust

Jennifer Aniston stars in the new movie Wanderlust. Her boyfriend Justin Theroux told Ellen that the film set became like the commune it portrays. The movie was filmed on location in Georgia.


“We were all in the middle of nowhere,” Jennifer said. “All we had was each other.”

Ellen: Jennifer Aniston Puppy Disguise

Jennifer Aniston received a cat disguise for her dog from Ellen. (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Wanderlust: New Comedy Movie

Ellen said the movie was extremely funny and she particuarly enjoyed Jennifer’s work in the film. “It is ridiculous. You laugh so hard,” Ellen said.

In the film, Jennifer and her husband, played by Paul Rudd, are on their way from New York City to visit family in Georgia. Instead, they end up stumbling on a hippie commune.

Wanderlust Star Jennifer Aniston

Wanderlust also stars Paul Rudd and Jennifer’s real life boyfriend Justin, whom she met while working on the film. It opens in theaters on Friday, February 24, 2012.

The comedy, from director David Wain, features other familiar faces as well, including Alan Alda and Jordan Peele, who stars in the Comedy Central sketch show Key & Peele.

Jennifer Aniston’s Boyfriend Justin Theroux Break Dances on Ellen

Jennifer Aniston sent her boyfriend Justin Theroux’s break dancing shoes so he could perform on the show. Ellen showed a clip to remind everyone about what happened.

Read about Justin Theroux Break Dancing For Ellen.

Jennifer Aniston Ellen Underwear

Ellen said she heard Jennifer was jealous that Justin received Ellen Underwear after appearing on the show. She gave Jennifer two pairs of Ellen Underwear.

It seems like Ellen gives everyone underwear, which seems like an oddly personal gift. How do you know what size underwear your guests wear anyway?


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