Ellen: Jennifer Aniston Tells Puppet Joke & Friends Reunion a Rumor?


Ellen: Jennifer Aniston Fails At Scaring Ellen DeGeneres

Jennifer Aniston is terrible at scaring people and she proved it today on Ellen. She tried to scare Ellen by jumping out of a doorway backstage, before the show started, but she failed miserably. Ellen wasn’t even startled let alone scared. She kind of looked sad about Aniston’s feeble attempt.

Aniston said she felt so guilty the entire time about trying to scare Ellen that she was pretty nervous which could have been her downfall.


“Have you ever scared anyone?” Ellen asked. “It was like you saw a spider or something.”

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Ellen: Jennifer Aniston Tells Puppet Joke & Friends Reunion a Rumor?

Ellen invited Jennifer Aniston on the show to talk about the possibility of a Friends reunion, she told a Matthew Perry joke and she failed at scaring Ellen. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen: Jennifer Aniston Is Always Being Scared By Her Fiance

Aniston admitted she does not usually scare anyone, saying her boyfriend, Justin Theroux, is always the one scaring her. She said he is always hiding behind curtains and jumping out from behind them when she comes home.

Ellen had a few pointers for her when she wanted to scare Justin. First off, she needs to hold back on the scream until she reaches the person she is trying to scare. Screaming to loud, too soon will not be effective in scaring someone.

Ellen: Friends Reunion Possible?

Ellen had to ask about the rumor of a Friends reunion but Jennifer Aniston said today was the first she heard of it. She even blamed Matthew Perry for starting the rumor. She didn’t touch on the subject again after Ellen told her Perry will be co-hosting the show with her soon. I think Jennifer was a little jealous.

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Ellen: Jennifer Aniston Tells the Puppet Joke

While on the topic of Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston said she had to tell Perry’s puppet joke.

There is a guy on the corner of the street yelling “puppets” at all the people walking by. Finally, a man walks up and asks how is business going and the man yelling puppets looks at the man and says “what business?”

Ellen didn’t think it was funny when Perry told it but she said the second time you hear the joke, you realize just how stupid the joke is which oddly enough makes it funnier.

Ellen: Jennifer Aniston Starts Dance Party At Ellen’s Birthday

Apparently, Jennifer Aniston can cut a rug. While at Ellen’s joint birthday party, she and Ellen moved some sheep statues out of the living room so they could find some room to dance and Ellen was super impressed with Aniston’s moves. Although Aniston said she does not dance often, when she gets the chance she really lets loose.

Her fiance is also a great dancer, according to Ellen. He was having a dance off with Julianne Hough.


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