Ellen: Jennifer Aniston Friends Reunion & Portia De Rossi Pet Peeves


Portia Scares Ellen… Just a Little Bit

Ellen wanted everything to go perfectly for her wife’s segment, but Portia De Rossi had other plans. She tried to jump out from behind Ellen’s chair and scare her, but it only worked a little bit.

Ellen said they threw a body once from the ceiling and it didn’t make Ellen blink. She’s like one of the beefeaters from England that guard the palace.


Portia De Rossi Loves to Cook for Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen: Jennifer Aniston Friends Reunion & Portia De Rossi Pet Peeves

Portia De Rossi shared her pet peeves and the few things Ellen Degeneres does that make her mad. Jennifer Aniston teased a Friends reunion. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Aniston wanted to find out what it’s really like to be married to Ellen DeGeneres.

“We have the best relationship ever,” Portia De Rossi said./amazon_link]


[amazon_link id="B0000844MI" target="_blank" ]Jen Aniston said she wanted to know the down and dirty about what peeves Portia about Ellen. After some coaxing, Portia spilled the beans.

Portia De Rossi loves to cook dinner for her wife. She gets everything perfect, garnishes the plates and wipes away spills and splatters to make the presentation stunning. Just as she sits the food in front of Ellen, Ellen gets up to feed the cats.

Ellen said she knew that this peeved her wife, but she has to feed the cats. And sometimes they want choices of cat food and only Ellen can feed them. Jen said Portia should time diner 15 minutes later every night, but Portia said it doesn’t matter.

Portia De Rossi & Ellen DeGeneres Move… A Lot

Portia also said she doesn’t like moving around so much. She and Ellen have had nine homes in eight and a half years. She has to think about packing and repacking and unpacking with every move. Ellen has turned Portia on to the idea of living in multiple places, but Jen Aniston isn’t a fan.

She was particularly attached to a home Ellen sold to Ryan Seacrest. Ellen said Jennifer should have bought the home, and then they argued about Jen being able to afford it.

Portia De Rossi Turn 40

Age is just a number to these beautiful women. Portia De Rossi turned 40 andJennifer Aniston turned 44 this year and they don’t feel any different. In fact, Jen thought that 30 was more stressful. Ellen said she’s 55 and doesn’t know why age matters.

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Arrested Development Season Four Premieres May 26

Fans of Arrested Development are crafty and obsessive. They held on to every moment of the first three seasons and waited for the moment that Ron Howard announced new episodes or a movie. Netflix answered their pleas and now we get an all-new season on Sunday May 26.

Portia said the fans have been so gracious and loyal. It felt great to come back after seven years to the cast that felt like family.

Jennifer Aniston: Friends Reunion?

Although the fans brought back Arrested DevelopmentFriends fans haven’t been able to get the cast to reunite. Jennifer Aniston was mum on wanting to go back, but she had a small reunion with her cast for Ellen’s show.

Jennifer said that she, Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry loved their mini-reunion. You could hear a pin drop when she talked about wanting to reunite.


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