Ellen: Jane Lynch Three Stooges, Glee & Dance Dare


Ellen: Jane Lynch Glee

Ellen DeGeneres caught up with actress and author Jane Lynch, who is working with White Collar star Matt Bomer in Glee. Her character, Sue Sylvester, has a crush on Matt’s Glee character, as seen in a clip from an upcoming episode of the show.

Glee airs Tuesday nights on Fox.


Ellen: Jane Lynch Three Stooges

Jane Lynch stars in the Fox series "Glee," and can be seen in the new "Three Stooges" movie. (Image Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Jane Lynch Three Stooges Movie

Jane Lynch is also starring as Mother Superior in the new Three Stooges movie. So what do nuns have to do with the comedy icons? I guess we’ll have to catch the movie to know for sure.

“I was a big fan of Sound of Music,” Jane Lynch said. She was channeling the woman who played Mother Superior in that movie, and couldn’t resist singing “Climb Every Mountain” and other nun-themed songs while in costume for the Three Stooges role.


Ellen recalled playing a nun on Will & Grace years ago, but she said it did not make her want to sing. Do you remember Ellen’s episode of Will & Grace? I think she was trying to purchase a used car for her convent.

You can see Jane Lynch as Mother Superior when The Three Stooges comes to theaters, Friday April 13 2012.

Ellen: Jane Lynch Dance Dare

Jane Lynch said she is a big supporter of arts education in public schools, and she works with a charity called AdoptTheArts.org. They were shooting a public service announcement recently, and Jane saw the opportunity to do a Dance Dare for Ellen.

Unfortunately, education funding is precarious these days, and arts education programs are often the first to be cut. But Jane got to work with some student volunteers in the ad campaign, and she brought cell phone video of the dance moves she did behind kids on the set.

I think a few of them may have been onto her. Once again, they talked about the challenges of doing a Dance Dare without any music to help you out, since Ellen’s staff adds the music into Dance Dare videos once they’re sent in.

Of course, if there was music in the background of your Dance Dare, it might give away what’s going on to the unsuspecting Dance Dare victims you are trying to prank.


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