Ellen: Jane Lynch Hosts Emmy Awards: ‘Lot Cops’ & ‘Funny Pants’


Jane Lynch Backstage With Ellen

Ellen showed a video that she made with her friend, Jane Lynch, when Jane stopped by Ellen’s set to ask Ellen for advice about hosting the Emmy Awards.

Ellen & Jane Lynch In Lot Cops

Before Jane got around to asking for advice about the Emmy Awards, Ellen had a few ideas for future collaborations.


Ellen: Emmy Host Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch asked Ellen for some advice about hosting the Emmy Awards and Ellen gave her a few ideas for future collaborations. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

“It’s so funny because people always compare us but we’ve never worked together,” Ellen said.

Her first idea was a goofy sitcom called Lot Cops in which both she and Jane would play security guards in the Warner Brothers studio lot.


They even had a preview for the imaginary sitcom. It was surprisingly funny. Ellen and Jane make a pretty great pair. They were both dressed up as security guards and riding around in a golf cart.

“We don’t play by the rules,” Ellen said.

“Yeah, [we’re] standing in a fire lane,” Jane said.

Later, the two were staking out a potential situation and Jane said, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

“Are you sure it’s not the salad from the commissary?” Ellen asked.

Ellen & Jane Lynch In Funny Pants

The next idea Ellen had was for a sitcom in which she and Jane would play sisters who were literally attached at the hip.

The mock preview they showed had Jane and Ellen standing in a ridiculous looking pair of pants that had three legs. The middle pant leg was especially large, so that it could fit both of their legs in it.

The funniest part of this segment was when Ellen and Jane tried to jump rope. Four times they tried to swing the rope up over their heads and under their legs and each time they failed.

Ellen Gives Jane Lynch Emmy Advice

Ellen told Jane that she needed a catchphrase if she was going to be a good host.

“Every great host has a catchphrase!” Ellen said.

Jane seemed confused so Ellen tried to demonstrate by saying “outrageous” with comic exaggeration. Jane tried to emulate several times, but Ellen was unimpressed.

“That’s enough,” Ellen said. “It’s not the Oscars.”


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