Ellen: Jane Lynch Glee Season 4 Renewal, Daughter Haden & New Dog


Ellen: Jane Lynch

From the catering service on Party Down to her breakout role as the cheerleading coach in Glee, Jane Lynch has been gaining fans and rising in popularity. Now she’s got a part in the upcoming Three Stooges movie, and she sat down to talk to Ellen about her career trajectory.

Read about Jane Lynch as Ellen’s Wax Figure.


Ellen pointed out what a great job Jane did as a wax figure earlier in the show, and the two lamented that they don’t get to hang out as often as they’d like. “People assume that we see each other all the time, because we are two power lesbians in Hollywood,” Jane Lynch said. “But the truth is we don’t have Thursday potlucks. We don’t do pilates together, although I would enjoy that.”

The ladies resolved to hang out more often, and joked about carrying flags and recruiting followers.

Ellen: Jane Lynch Family

Jane Lynch told Ellen about her two-year wedding anniversary, 10-year-old daughter & the family's new dog. (Image Credit: Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen: Jane Lynch Glee & Book

Jane Lynch has had a banner year, releasing her bestselling book, hosting the Emmy Awards, and starring in Fox’s hit series Glee, which just this week was renewed for a fourth season.

“Life is very good for you,” Ellen said, noting that her years of hard work are paying off.

Jane Lynch said she loves what she is doing, and the notoriety is just an added perk. She mentioned she will be celebrating her second wedding anniversary with Dr. Lara Embry on May 31 2012.

“Exactly three years to the day that we met, too,” she said, which makes it easy to remember the dates.

The couple’s daughter, Haden, is now 10 years old. “She’s wise beyond her years, and she’s a real sweetheart,” Jane said, showing off pictures of the family.

Ellen: Jane Lynch Daughter on the Internet

Jane said that her daughter is really getting into the Internet lately, and though she wants to respect the girl’s privacy, she wondered what Haden was up to when she closed what she was looking at as Jane came in the room.

Her curiosity got the best of her, and she listened at the door, only to discover that her daughter is secretly watching cooking videos and segments online. What a weird thing to be ashamed of; there are a lot of worse things out there online.

Ellen stoked Jane’s fears about what could really be going on with her daughter’s computer. “What kind of parent are you that you hear buzz and you’re like, ‘Oh, they’re making slushies’?” Ellen wondered.

Ellen: Jane Lynch Family Pets

The family also has a new rescue puppy named Francis. Jane said he’s six months old, 60 pounds, and was recently neutered. He is very high energy and does not get along with the 12-year-old Lhasa Apso, Olivia.

“They do not get along at all,” Jane said. “She’s my little baby, and he’s just making her life miserable.”

It’s always a challenge when you bring a new pet into the family, but hopefully these two four-legged sibling will warm up to one another.


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