Ellen: Jane Lynch Glee Review & Performing in Annie on Broadway in May


Ellen: Jane Lynch Birthday Joke

Ellen invited one of her favorite guests on the show today, Jane Lynch, and she came prepared with a joke. Now it wasn’t an Earth Day joke but it was a birthday joke, so it can still be relevant. I’m sure someone had a birthday today. Anyways, the joke is below.

An 85-year-old was celebrating his birthday alone when he heard a knock at the door. When he answered, a beautiful blonde was standing at the door and she said she had come to give him some super love making. He looked her up and down and told her he would take the soup.


“Made it into soup or love making and that’s what made it funny,” she joked with Ellen who helped her explain the joke to anyone who wasn’t quick enough to get it.

Ellen: Jane Lynch Glee Review & Performing in Annie on Broadway in May

Ellen invited Jane Lynch on the show to talk about Glee, performing with Annie on Broadway and she even had a joke for Ellen. Plus, she gets scared by a tree. (image credit: s bukley, shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Jane Lynch Scared By a Tree

Last time Jane Lynch was on the show it was Ellen’s Halloween episode and Ellen scared Lynch after they talked about her hatred for clowns.


Well they looked at the scare from last time and while they were discussing it, Ellen had a person dressed like a tree sneak out from backstage to scare Lynch pretty good again. She was so scared she even cursed on national TV and had to be bleeped.

You can check out the video of her getting scared in the clip below.

Ellen: Jane Lynch Character Fired From High School In Glee

There has been a lot of drama happening on Glee and there is no one better to explain it all than Jane Lynch. She explained her character was fired from the the high school after one of the students brought a gun to school and Lynch’s character took the fall for the student. Now she is teaching a Nazi brand of aerobics at the 23 hour aerobics place in the city.

Ellen: Jane Lynch In Annie On Broadway

In one episode this season Lynch’s character is spying on the cheerleader’s new coach when she breaks out into a song from Annie, “Little Girls.” She said the director of the episode let her sing the song as a sort of cross-promotion for her upcoming role in Annie on Broadway.

She is going to be performing at the Palace Theater on Broadway from May 16 to sometime in July.

Ellen: Jane Lynch Humdinger Contest

Ellen took Jane Lynch up into the audience so they could play a game of Humdinger. The game calls for an audience member to hum a popular song while Lynch tried to guess the name of the song.

Lana hummed the first song, which was “Call Me Maybe,” but there was no way Lynch, or anyone else, was going to guess the song. You couldn’t even tell what she was trying to hum for even a second.

Ashley was the next woman chosen to hum a song and she didn’t do much better. She hummed “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” but Lynch had no idea what the song was.

Either way, everyone had fun with the game and the two audience members got Executive Beats Headphones for playing.

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