Ellen: Jane Fonda Workout Video Re-Release & Passing on Doctor Zhivago


Ellen: Jane Fonda Workout Videos

Jane Fonda came by Ellen to talk about her workout videos being re-released. Ellen said when she launched the workout video, she really launched an industry.

Actress Jane Fonda came by Ellen to talk about the re-release of her workout videos, whether she still works out, and the film she passed on that she wished she didn't, Doctor Zhivago. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Actress Jane Fonda came by Ellen to talk about the re-release of her workout videos, whether she still works out, and the film she passed on that she wished she didn’t, ‘Doctor Zhivago.’ (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


“Prior to my first workout tape, which was a VCR, there was no video industry because it cost too much to buy the hardware to play it. My video came out and suddenly a lot of people said, ‘Oh, I want to use that over and over and over.’ And it worth spending the money to get the hardware. So it really launched the video industry,” Jane Fonda said.

Ellen TV: Jane Fonda Women Working Out

Jane Fonda also said it launched women being okay with having muscles. She said back then, if a woman went to a health club, there was a gym for men and nothing for women.

Jane was in her 40s when she made these videos. Ellen said the workout videos are really great because it hits every part of your body. Ellen did the workouts at home while Portia did a jigsaw puzzle. Portia started doing the workout and Ellen recorded her on her smartphone. She showed the video and it was hilarious.


Ellen said the two of them did the workout that morning as well. Ellen said it was hard, even the beginner part, and Ellen’s in pretty good shape.

Ellen: Does Jane Fonda Still Work Out?

Ellen asked Jane Fonda if she still works out like in the videos.

Jane said she’s a lot slower at it now, because of her age. She goes for walks, but she doesn’t run. Over the years, though, she’s gotten letters from people asking her about the videos because people’s VCRs have broken or their tapes have torn, wondering when she’s going to release them on DVD.

Ellen said it was great because it’s all standard stuff without equipment. “Yeah. And a lot of what they’re doing today was based on this,” Jane Fonda said.

Ellen TV: Jane Fonda Nicki Minaj “Anaconda”

Ellen said Jane Fonda is really known for her workout tapes. In Nicki Minaj’s song “Anaconda,” there’s a line that goes, “So your girlfriend rolls a Honda playing workout tapes by Fonda.”

“I got booty,” Jane Fonda joked.

Ellen: Jane Fonda Has a Crush on Adam Driver

Ellen pulled random questions for Jane from a bowl. The first one was which new leading man Jane Fonda had a crush on. She said Adam Driver, who is one of the stars from Girls. Jane Fonda recently did a movie with him, This is Where I Leave You

Ellen TV: Jane Fonda Passed on ‘Doctor Zhivago’

Ellen asked which film Jane Fonda passed on making that she regrets not making. She was asked to take a part in Doctor Zhivago and she turned it down and said that was a big regret.

Ellen: Jane Fonda Most Cherished Possession

Jane Fonda said her most cherished possession was her dog, who is a little white dog that goes with her everywhere and was even backstage during the interview.

Ellen TV: Jane Fonda Most Beautiful Woman

Ellen asked Jane Fonda who she thought was the most beautiful woman in the world and she said Jennifer Lawrence.

Ellen: Jane Fonda Holiday Gifts

Ellen gave Jane Fonda a stocking with a little boot on the end and an ornament with a picture of Jane doing a workout move and Ellen doing the same move next to her.

Ellen’s entire audience also got Jane Fonda’s workout videos. Her workout videos will be re-released January 6, 2015.


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