Ellen: Jaden Smith Not Getting Emancipated & Will Smith’s Parenting


Ellen Talks To Will & Jaden Smith

Ellen kept her guests today a secret to her audience. They had no idea that two of the most powerful actors in the world would sit on her couch. Will Smith and his son, Jaden Smith, greeted everyone in the audience before sitting down.

Ellen: Jaden Smith Not Getting Emancipated & Will Smith's Parenting

Jaden Smith told Ellen that he is not getting emancipated. Will Smith said he likes to practice a freer type of parenting with his kids.


Will Smith announced his big life change. He feels very comfy and saucy in his Ellen underwear. He called them “Ellen-derwear.”

Will Smith Embarrasses Jaden On the Red Carpet

The family just got back from Asia a few days before coming to Ellen. While there premiering After Earth, Will tried to embarrass Jaden on the red carpet as much as humanly possible. He even jumped him on Ellen’s couch and tried to give him loving kiss all over his face. Jaden squirmed away.

“When you have kids and you’re proud of them, you just want to kiss them in their mouth sometimes,” Will said.


“A lot,” Jaden confirmed. Jaden said there is a time and place for everything.

The father-son relationship that Will and Jaden Smith have is very close, obviously. There are things that set Will off and one of them is skateboarding in the house. He said he wants to be the kind of dad that lets his kids grow into artists, i.e. no punishments, but, “you’re going to stop messing up my floors, boy.”

Ellen said that Jaden is allowed to skateboard around her studio whenever he likes.

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Jaden Smith Not Filing For Emancipation

Ellen wanted to give Jaden Smith the opportunity to clear up the tabloids. There have been reports that he wants to get emancipated for his upcoming birthday so that he can live in his own home.

“The thing that people don’t understand is, everything at his house,” Jaden said, pointing to his dad, “is free. So I’m going to live there for 20, 30 more years.”

Jaden is not going anywhere, at least not yet. “He said once I have a movie that’s bigger than one of his movies I have to move out,” Jaden said.

Will laughed, “My baby boy is never leaving me ever. No emancipation for the Smith kids.” 

Will Smith’s Questionable Parenting On Set Of After Earth

Will said Jaden was 13 when they shot the film. They got to spend the summer in Costa Rican forests to shoot the film and it was a good bonding time with his teenage son.

To get in shape for the film, Will made Jaden train like a movie star. Swimming, running, parkour, rock climbing and so much more. Will said that running in a movie is really important. You have to have knees high, body stealth to impress the ladies.

There were “questionable parenting decisions” during the filming of After Earth, Will Smith said. Thankfully, no children were harmed. Jaden had some water scenes and, as he was filming, Will told him there were crocodiles and piranas in the rivers – but they were vegetarian piranas. That makes it so much better.

Is Will Smith Returning To Music?

Living in the Smith house is like an episode of Glee, Will said. Willow Smith especially is a musical child.

“You can’t go anywhere without hearing a vibrato,” Jaden said.

From waking up in the morning to the dinner table, the family will burst into song. Jaden knows every lyric to his father’s songs. Ellen urged Will Smith to put out more music and Jaden said he just recorded three songs with Willow the day before.  

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