Ellen: Jackson Galaxy “Cat Daddy” Review & Tess Meets Casting Director


Ellen: Tess Plays Cash For Kindness

Ellen took on the role of a sadistic puppeteer with Tess as she sent her out on the sidewalk to clean up some greeting cards. All those that stopped to help her were eligible to win cash and were subjected to utter freaking madness. Ellen had her breaking out into song, asking for a place to crash and even requesting that Haden and Will (the two poor saps that hunched down to help her clean up the mess) help her alphabetize the hundreds of cards strewn all over the sidewalk. This was all right before telling them that Ellen DeGeneres was about to award them cash. I’m sure these guys were thinking, “this girl is definitely not messing with us.” Shockingly, no one asked where the hidden camera was.

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Jackson Galaxy Cat Daddy Review

Hailing from Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell show, Jackson Galaxy came in to Ellen to discuss the book he wrote chronicling his experiences with, well, the cat from hell. Titled Cat Daddy: What the World’s Most Incorrigible Cat Taught Me About Life, Love and Coming Clean, the book didn’t take center stage for the whole discussion, as Ellen and Jackson Galaxy talked about a few stereotypes. Ellen, for example, applauded him for breaking the stereotype that masculine men don’t like cats, because this guy looks like one tough customer.

Ellen:Jackson Galaxy "Cat Daddy" Review & Tess Meets Casting Director

Jackson Galaxy, the antithesis to stereotypical cat lover, discussed his book, Cat Daddy. (image credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Jackson Galaxy’s Nightmare Consultations

The first time Jackson Galaxy ever did a consultation was probably his worst one. His first subject, Smokey, an unusually muscular cat that guarded the top of a staircase, took his post a little too seriously and leapt from the top of the stairs all the way down on to Jackson’s face, drawing blood in the process. Yikes!


Though the cat’s behavior seems irrational, upon further investigation Jackson discovered that the woman Smokey belonged to had three newborn triplets in a nursery at the top of the steps. Smokey was guarding these toddlers by attacking any strangers that attempted to come up the stairs. When Jackson brought the nursery downstairs, the cat’s guerrilla warfare came to an end.

Audience Asks Jackson Galaxy Questions About Cats

Ellen, a woman who just couldn’t get a cat to like her, asked Jackson how to get cats to like her. Jackson suggested that she try not approaching a cat like a dog and let them come to you, as cats prefer to introduce themselves.

Lindsay, who recently got a cat, is having her cat scratching her neck while she is asleep. Given that she is about to have a child, she is afraid this same behavior will be carried out on her child. It turns out that she pets the cat to calm it down when it’s scratching her, and the cat reads this as an award. Jackson told her to absolutely ignore the behavior, as the lack of attention will turn the cat off to the behavior.

Tess Brings In Cash For Kindness Winners

To the probable disbelief of the two guys, Haden and Will were actually brought on the show and awarded $500. Makes you want to help a lot more people out, right?

Ellen then commended Tess’s acting abilities, and said that she would be arranging for her to meet with a casting director on the Warner Brothers lot to see if they could find her some work. Yeah, Tess freaked out.

To top it all off, Ellen gave her a check for $10,000 to help her with her student loans. As Tess was scraping her jaw up off the floor, Ellen gave everyone in the audience a ticket to tonight’s Power Ball, which is up to $222 million. What a show!


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