Ellen: Inspiration for 20/20 Experience & Back in Music After 7 Years


Justin Timberlake Back To Making Music

Ellen: Inspiration for 20/20 Experience & Back in Music After 7 Years

Ellen talked with Justin Timberlake about his inspiration for his album 20/20 Experience and he explained how it felt to be back on stage again.
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Justin Timberlake is back to making music again and Ellen was more than excited. She loves listening to Justin’s music. She was also surprised he kept it a secret because when he was doing promos with Ellen a while back he told her he was making a record and he wanted her to keep it a secret, which she did, but she was surprised no one else said a word about the new album. Either way, she also wanted to know how it felt to be back on stage. Was he nervous? Was it easy getting back on stage? How did he feel singing in front of people again? He said it is great being back on stage, adding that being on stage is his favorite thing to do.


As for taking his time on 20/20 Experience, Justin said every record is special to him, especially this one. He said he set out to prove something with his first two solo albums but he said his latest album sort of came out of nowhere. Before he knew it, he had 20 songs and he had to split them up between two albums, his next album dropping later this year.

Do you want to know what Ellen’s favorite song off the album is? “Strawberry Bubblegum.”

Justin Timberlake Records 20 Songs In 20 Days

Ellen congratulated him again on the success of his album, 20/20 Experience, and pointed out that Justin has taken a long time to make an album but he sold millions in the first week.


Justin said it does take him a long time to make an album and that wasn’t even has goal. He said he was aiming to make an EP or a mixtape with Timbaland so they agreed to spend a month on a project and see where they ended up. Justin said they worked for 20 days, making sure to take the weekends off since he said they are both getting old, and they ended up with 20 songs.

Justin Timberlake: Inspiration For 20/20 Experience Album Name

That was also the inspiration for the name of the album. He came up with 20 songs in 20 days, thus the 20/20 experience was born.

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