Ellen: Hugh Laurie Let Them Talk Review & House Final Season


Ellen: Hugh Laurie L’Oreal Men

Unlike most of Ellen‘s guests, when Hugh Laurie walked onstage, he did not dance. Instead, he gracefully gestured twice to the audience and did a half bow to Ellen. When he sat down, he and Ellen talked about what it’s like to be models in corporate advertising.

“You’re the new face of L’Oreal Men,” Ellen said. “Congratulations on that.”


Ellen aired a picture of Hugh from one of the advertisements. “When you started shooting this, what did they say to get you to give that look?” she asked.

“I can only imagine that was ‘saucily unintelligent,'” Hugh quipped.

“You look like you have a secret,” Ellen said. “That’s the key to modeling.”


Ellen: Hugh Laurie Modeling

Ellen: Hugh Laurie Let Them Talk

Actor Hugh Laurie told Ellen about his album, Let Them Talk, the final season of House & his L'Oreal modeling campaign. (Phil Stafford / Shutterstock.com)

Then Ellen began to teasingly coach Hugh in modeling, since Ellen is after all an easy, breezy, beautiful CoverGirl. “Give me a mad look,” she said. Hugh bulged his eyes out of his head in a very cartoony looking face of anger.

“That’s sexy. That’s good,” Ellen teased. “Let’s see sexy without mad.”

“I don’t really do that,” Hugh said. He tried for a second to look suave and sexy but then felt bashful and looked away. It was endearing to see him so shy.

Then Ellen told Hugh to close his eyes and keep them closed until she told him to open them. He obliged and then Ellen got out of her seat and put her face as close to his as she could. When she told him to open them, she scared him. She told him to just think of her face the next time he was modeling.

Then Hugh made a joke about what a big deal he is as a model.

“I don’t want to pull rank or anything but I’m not just a model,” he said. “They call me a spokesmodel.”

Hugh joked that putting “spokes” in front of anything makes it a bigger deal.

“It just sort of elevates the whole thing,” he said.

Ellen: Hugh Laurie L’Oreal Commercial

Ellen showed a clip from Hugh‘s L’Oreal commercial. At one point of the commercial, Hugh is kissing a woman. Ellen jokingly pretended to be appalled by Hugh‘s infidelity, given that he’s married.

“That’s a digital CGI thing,” he teased.

“Your wife isn’t going to be happy about that,” Ellen said, referencing Hugh‘s wife Jo Green.

“I was kissing a green screen,” he said.

Ellen: Hugh Laurie House Final Season

Ellen brought up the eighth season of House.

“It’s rumored to be the last one,” she said. “Is that possible?”

Hugh didn’t provide a straight answer to the question. He said that he doesn’t want the show to end but he also doesn’t want it to go on longer than it should. “I hope we retire in good order,” he said.

Ellen pressed him for a more direct answer. “It’s not for sure,” he said.

It seemed like Ellen would be seriously disappointed if the show did end. “It’s such a great show,” she said. “I really like it.” (The show did conclude in spring 2012 after eight seasons.)

Ellen and Hugh agreed that one of the really great things about the show is that all of the medical problems on the show, as unlikely as they may be, are realistically possible.

“They really are things that can go wrong with you,” Hugh said.

Ellen: Hugh Laurie Let Them Talk Review

Ellen brought up the fact that Hugh plays music in addition to acting. “You occasionally will play piano on the show,” she said.

“I tinkle a little bit,” Hugh admitted modestly. Then Ellen mentioned that Hugh has actually released an album.

“You have a blues album out,” she said and pulled out a copy of Hugh‘s album Let Them Talk. The album is a compilation of Hugh‘s favorite classic blues songs.

“A lot of these [songs] are very ancient songs going back a century,” Hugh said.


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