Ellen: Hugh Grant Tea Time with Sophia Grace & Rosie


Ellen: Hugh Grant Daughter

As a new father, Hugh Grant has to be ready for all the challenges and joys he’ll face in bringing up a daughter. That’s why Ellen DeGeneres thought it would be good for him to have Tea Time with her favorite surrogate daughters, Sophia Grace and Rosie.

“I liked them. The tea was replusive,” he said. “Very disappointing. I was quite angry about it.”


Ellen: Hugh Grant Tea Time

Ellen sent Hugh Grant to compare American accents with Sophia Grace and Rosie over tea. (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

I figure there has to be a disconnect between British tea, which is much beloved in England, and American tea, which always seems weak and bland to me. Has anyone figured out the secret to good tea?

Ellen: Hugh Grant Tea Time – Sophia Grace & Rosie

Sophia Grace and Rosie welcomed Hugh Grant to their tea room, and he was pleased to spend time with fellow Brits. Rosie asked Hugh to teach them to talk like pirates–that’s right, she actually spoke to someone other than Sophia Grace.


Hugh said no one really talks like a pirate in his movie, which you’d think the girls would know, having seen the movie already. Ah, the perks of being Ellen’s golden children.

Rosie told Hugh she was glued to her seat during the movie. By far the highlight of this tea date was when Hugh and Sophia Grace compared their American accents. Every time I think these kids are overhyped, they reveal a new talent.

Ellen: Hugh Grant Tea Time Joke

The girls asked Hugh to tell them a joke. Here is what he said:

What’s black and white and black and white?
A nun rolling down a hill.

What’s black and white and laughing?
The nun who pushed her.

Do kids today even know what nuns are anymore?

Rosie offered up a joke of her own:

Why did the banana go to the hospital?
It wasn’t peeling very well.

Hey, that’s the same Joke Rosie Told Taylor Swift.

Ellen: Sophia Grace & Rosie with Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant asked to try the girls’ tea, and was underwhelmed by the results.

“It’s cold. Is this the best Warner Bros. can do?” Hugh wondered. Do you think they let the girls make the tea themselves?

Rosie explained that the tea was basically water, and Hugh had some negative feedback about the biscuits as well. Sophia Grace changed the subject to Hugh’s favorite thing about America.

“I love cheerleaders very much,” Hugh Grant said, warning Rosie that the refreshments were “disgusting.” He wrapped up tea time by giving the girls each a hug.

Ellen: Hugh Grant Baby Gift

Ellen gave Hugh Grant a parting gift to commemorate his latest movie. She got the baby a classic pirate outfit, and hoped that Hugh would send Ellen a picture of her wearing the getup.

“It makes up for the tea,” Hugh Grant said.

You can hear Hugh Grant in the new movie The Pirates: Band Of Misfits, in theaters April 27 2012.


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