Ellen: Hugh Grant Daughter’s Name & The Pirates: Band Of Misfits


Ellen: Hugh Grant

He’s the iconic leading man from countless romantic comedies. But now Hugh Grant is taking on a new role as the voice of an animated character in The Pirates: Band Of Misfits.

Ellen called him “impossibly charming” and wondered what has kept him away from her show for the last five years. He apologized, which I guess is what he does on every talk show appearance out of habit.


Ellen: Hugh Grant's Daughter

Hugh Grant talked with Ellen about the joys of fatherhood and his young daughter. (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

But the real reason is that Hugh Grant has only done one movie since his last chat with Ellen. Plus, he lives in London, England, where he’s busy with fatherhood.

Ellen: Hugh Grant Fatherhood

“I can’t pretend it wasn’t a little bit of a surprise,” he admitted of the birth of his daughter Tabitha. “But it’s a very nice surprise.”


The baby’s name in Chinese translates to “happy surprise,” which is a pretty neat name. Ellen wondered how he’s adjusting to his biggest role yet in life.

In case you were wondering how to spell them, the baby’s Chinese name is Jingxi and its mother’s name is Tinglan, which seemed to endlessly entertain Ellen throughout the entire interview. The parents are apparently not a couple, but have a friendly relationship.

“It’s surprising that everyone was right all these years,” Hugh Grant said. “It is quite life-changing. I recommend it. Get some.”

He also said that the baby’s mother is very loving, nurturing, and responsible, despite some misconceptions in the foreign press.

Will Ellen DeGeneres & Portia DeRossi Be Moms?

Ellen has her own position on this hot topic. “People really want Portia and I to have kids,” she said. “And I think for some people, it’s better to just not have kids, because I like my time. I like being able to have a conversation without being interrupted.”

I understand where Ellen is coming from, and she said she loves spending time with the couple’s niece.

Ellen: Hugh Grant The Pirates: Band Of Misfits

Ellen said she almost had trouble recognizing Hugh Grant’s voice in his new animated movie. “Did they want to hide your voice?” she asked.

He said they were looking for someone who would promote the movie, but the role itself required a bit of voice acting. Ellen thought the voice was funny, and Hugh said it was inspired by the animated character he was portraying.

He said that he sees the baby just about every day when he is at home in London. Ellen was excited to see what happened when Hugh had tea with Sophia Grace and Rosie, whom she assumed he is always running into across the pond.


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