Ellen: Howie Mandel Thunder From Down Under & Last High School Pranks


Howie Mandel Shaves His Own Head

Howie walked out squeaky clean and shiny. He said he just shaved and gets asked all the time if he shaves his own head. Mandel does shave himself and he says it’s very easy, just an extension of his cheek.

Mandel went on to joke that he doesn’t understand why people ask bald men if they shave their own head. It’s like walking up to a woman at the pool and asking if she shaves her own legs or her armpits herself. He imagines that is much harder than his head.


He also said that he has missed strips of hair and nicked his scalp before, which means tiny pieces of toilet paper all over his head.

“I’m thinking about just growing bangs back,” he joked. Or maybe bangs in front and mullet in back with a strip of bald in between, because he misses tossing his hair.

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Howie Mandel’s Class Prank & Kicked Out of High School

Howie Mandel said he just got back from his class reunion. “55 years!” he said.

While that seems impossible, he said it was kindergarten. Has he really been to a class reunion?

Ellen: Howie Mandel Thunder From Down Under & Last High School Pranks

Howie Mandel told Ellen that he is in a brief clip before the Thunder From Down Under show, which really killed the mood of his daughter’s bachelorette party. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

“I didn’t go to graduation, why would I?” he said. “Did you finish school? No, school got finished with me.”

What happened was that Howie was a big prankster. He once called and had three contractors come to his high school to make bids for putting an addition on to the school library. When the principal was called out, they named Howie Mandel as the caller.

Mandel was called the the principal’s office and asked if he was putting an addition on to the library. “No, I’m just getting bids,” he answered. His parents were called, the principal was exasperated, it started funny and ended sadly, Mandel said with a fake hair toss.

America’s Got Talent Four Judges, More Talent

America’s Got Talent starts on June 4 with Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howard Stern and Howie Mandel. He wonders what makes a model super, like supermodel Heidi Klum. What’s her super power?

Now that they have four judges and the talent needs three “yes’s” to go through, Mandel said this makes the talent so much better.

Howie Mandel At Thunder From Down Under in Las Vegas

Howie’s daughter is 28 and she’s getting married. Her bachelorette party was this weekend and she said that women at a strip club are much more energetic. She went to the show Thunder from Down Under. They show a reel of celebrities promoting the show before the boys come out. At the very end, Howie Mandel is the one that introduces the exotic male dancers.

His impression of his daughter was priceless. Your father would be the biggest buzz kill in that situation.


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