Ellen: How To Do A Marilyn Monroe Impression & Smash Star Megan Hilty


Ellen: Megan Hilty Smash

Megan Hilty plays the Broadway babe facing off against Katharine McPhee in NBC’s musical theater drama Smash. Thought it was the first time Megan was a guest at the show, she recalled being in the audience awhile back when her friend Allison Janney visited Ellen to promote 9 To 5: The Musical.

It’s got to be trippy to go from the audience to the stage. Megan Hilty recalled dancing with the rest of the audience before the taping.


Ellen: Megan Hilty Smash

Smash's Megan Hilty gave Ellen and the audience her secrets to doing a Marilyn Monroe impression. (Image Credit: lev radin / Shutterstock.com)

Megan Hilty said she hails from the Seattle area, which she thinks is beautiful. She was recently there visiting family and supporting her nephew’s school fundraiser, a trike-a-thon. He was initially impressed with her TV stardom, but he’s quickly become bored with it.

Ellen: Megan Hilty New York

Megan Hilty now lives in New York City, and I wonder if she likes it more than her co-star, Katharine McPhee. She said that her nephew came to visit and was annoyed with her ads in the taxis around the city.

Previously, Megan Hilty starred in Wicked on Broadway. She’d wanted to act and had been obsessed with music since childhood. Megan Hilty said her mother read an article about how tone deaf mothers should never sing to their children.


Instead of singing to her, even once she was born, Megan’s mom would have her listen to great music on records or cassettes. Her influences included Manhattan Transfer, The Music Man, and the late Whitney Houston.

Ellen: Megan Hilty Smash Season 2

Smash will return in the fall for a second season on NBC. Megan Hilty got us all caught up on the show, which chronicles the behind the scenes drama of putting together a musical about the life of Marilyn Monroe.

Megan Hilty said working on the show exposed her to a lot of the fascinating history of Marilyn Monroe’s life, loves, and legend. “And then I really started to understand why people thought she was so cool,” Megan Hilty said.

Ellen: Megan Hilty Marilyn Monroe Impression

Ellen DeGeneres and Megan Hilty praised Michelle Williams’ performance in the recent film My Week With Marilyn, which Ellen said is a good movie to give you some insight into the legendary performer.

Megan reluctantly did her whispery, breathy Marilyn Monroe impression, which she doesn’t think is that great. But she taught Ellen how to do it. “All you have to do is not move your top lip, and kind of lower your eyes a little bit, and then whisper it,” she explained.

Megan Hilty stars in Smash, airing Monday nights on NBC.

Ellen: Tom Scharr’s Last Skateboarding Trick

To close out the show, Ellen ran outside to see one more spectacular skateboarding trick from Tom Scharr. He did two and a half flips, among other fancy moves, in under a minute. “I can’t wait to see where you go from here,” Ellen said.

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