Ellen: Horse Soring & Anti-Whistle Blowing Bill Hurts Humane Society


Ellen: Wayne Pacelle Advocates For Humane Society Of the United States

Ellen invited CEO and President of the Human Society of the United States Wayne Pacelle on her show to talk about some very important issues the human society is dealing with. He said he wanted every one of Ellen’s fans to learn about a new bill being considered in numerous states that will take away the right of the Humane Society of the United States to spy on people committing acts of animal cruelty.

Ellen: Anti-Whistle Blowing Bill Against Humane Society

Pacelle said since the beginning of the Humane Society, they have been working to stop seal clubbing, factory farming animals, inhumane slaughter practices and all other types of animal cruelty  But their mission may be in jeopardy as some states consider passing a bill that makes it illegal for undercover investigators to take photos or video of inhumane practices.


Ellen: Horse Soring & Anti-Whistle Blowing Bill Hurts Humane Society

Ellen talked with the CEO of the Humane Society of the United States about stopping an anti-whistle blowing bill, and she explained what horse soring is.

The bills are called anti-whistle blower bills because they are aimed at stopping the undercover investigators who are the key to closing a case against anyone committing animal cruelty.

“We have investigators who find terrible things at puppy mills and at horse stables,” Pacelle said. “We have been able to help the animals with these types of investigations. The undercover cameras catch a lot of things and it is important to keep them going.”


Ellen Spreads Word Of How To Stop Anti-Whistle Bills

Pacelle said he turned to Ellen for help get the word out about the bill because he feels she is the “leading animal welfare celebrity personality in the world.”

Pacelle added that cameras were one thing that helped catch the terrorists who committed the bombing in Boston. Without all the pictures being taken by bystanders at the marathon, the police would have had a more difficult time apprehending the bombers.

With the humane society, they are the only ones who can go behind the scenes to catch people who are abusing animals. They are the only ones who can get into stables where pigs are stuck in tiny crates or in stables where horses are beat. He said if these bills pass, these animals will have no hope of ever getting away from the cruelty, because most people are far removed from these types of animals, the types of animals we normally eat instead of keeping them as pets.

Ellen: What Is Horse Soring?

Pacelle said one of the more disgusting activities the Humane Society is trying to stop is something called horse soring. He said it mainly happens with Tennessee Walking Horses. The owners of the horse will pack their hooves full of chemicals to make the hooves tender, causing the horse to exaggerate it’s gait when walking around.

He said they were able to stop one hall of fame horse trainer who was horse soring by capturing the activity on video. They were successfully able to prosecute the man but now Tennessee is trying to make the activity of spying on illegal activities unlawful.

Ellen: How To Stop Animal Cruelty

Ellen said she was going to help by putting the video of the interview with Pacelle on her site. After 25,000 people share the video, she is going to donate $25,000 to the Humane Society of the United States. Pacelle said everyone at home can help as well by calling their congressman and getting the bill stopped.

“All animals deserve mercy,” Pacelle said. “It is wrong to criminalize the people who are trying to help the animals.”

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