Ellen Hidden Camera Prank, Sophia Grace & Rosie Joke with Vince Vaughn


Ellen Pranks Vince Vaughn With Amy the Fake Intern

Ellen decided that she hadn’t pulled a prank in a while and Vince Vaughn was her victim. She made her writer Amy play an intern and told her everything that she needed to do.

Amy greeted Vaughn at the door and took him to his green room. He was such a pleasant guy to this girl he had never met. She awkwardly hung around the room and he made small talk with her while waiting for Ellen.


The best part was when she, on purpose, confused him for another actor.

“Also, congratulations on Argo,” Amy said.

“That was Ben Affleck,” he said very politely.


Vince Vaughn Laughs Off Ellen’s Prank

He took the hit visibly, brushing his hand through his hair and flinching. Vince Vaughn came right back and was still the nicest guy to Amy the Fake Intern. She then took one of his apples and took a few bites while he kept talking. Ellen had her put the fruit back after only a couple of bites and he was a little disturbed.

After the joke was over, Vince was still nice about it. He didn’t make a show and act like he had even been punked. He just chuckled and struck up another conversation. Vince Vaughn wins the Good Guy of the Year award.

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Sophia Grace & Rosie Meet Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn said he liked the girls’ tutus and they said they liked how tall he is. Sophia Grace and Rosie said they plan on having tea time with Vince later on. Ellen spotted a very large bandage on Sophia Grace’s knee. She said she was on a playground and hit it on a rock.

“We had to go to the chemist and get some plasters after,” Sophia Grace said.

Ellen Hidden Camera Prank, Sophia Grace & Rosie Joke with Vince Vaughn

Ellen played a hilarious hidden camera prank on Vince Vaughn. Then, Sophia Grace & Rosie told jokes and previewed Sam & Cat on Nickelodeon. (image credit: Jaguar PS, Shutterstock.com)

To translate, Sophia Grace had to go to the nurse’s station and get some bandages. Ellen was very, very confused by “chemist.”

Sophia Grace Turns 10 & Wants a Baby Sister

Sophia Grace just turned 10 and said that she took a bit longer opening her presents. Rosie got Sophia Grace a pink Juicy Couture purse because she’s getting older. They girls said they both want siblings more then anything. Sophia Grace wants a sister she can dress up and Rosie wants a brother she can make wear pink.

Sophia Grace and Rosie had advice for Vince Vaughn and his daughter. They said to “always make sure you cuddle her” and be responsible with her. Very good advice, ladies.

Sophia Grace & Rosie On Nickelodeon

The girl recently filmed a guest role on Nickelodeon’s Sam & Cat. They play two rambunctious little girls that drive the stars crazy. They were high energy and absolutely adorable in a scene playing Bingo.

Sophia Grace, Rosie & Vince Vaughn Tell Jokes On Ellen

“Will you remember me in a week? Will you remember me in a month? Will you remember me in a year?” Ellen said yes to all of these. “Knock knock.” “Who’s there?” “See, you forgot me already.”

Rosie had a special message for Vince Vaughn. “Rule number one. Never leave a fellow crasher behind.” He really loved the Wedding Crashers reference and gave her a high five.

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