Ellen: German Shepherd Lucky’s Rescue Story


Ellen: Heroic Animal Rescue

If you’re an animal lover–or really, just a human being–here’s a story that is sure to touch your heart. When Ellen was touched by the incredible rescue story of eight hikers from Colorado, she had to invite them to the show to share their experience with the world: here is Lucky’s rescue story.

It all began when Amanda and Scott were camping near Mt. Bierdstadt in Colorado. Amanda spotted a German Shepherd dog on top of the mountain, who was clearly stranded and in need of help. The couple gave the dog food and water, but the terrain was far too steep and rocky to attempt a rescue at that time. When they returned back to their home, Amanda and Scott went online searching for help.


german shepherd ellen september 17

Ellen was inspired by the story of eight hikers who banded together to rescue a German Shepherd, Lucky. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

What they found were six incredible strangers who each felt compelled to help the stranded dog. The eight brave people then banded together, climbing thousands and thousands of feet of dangerous terrain,  to rescue the dog. When they finally reached her and found her alive, the called it a “huge relief.”

Ellen: Lucky the Dog Rescuers

The dog was re-named Lucky and is now thriving at a shelter, fully recovered from her injuries. Ellen was joined by all eight rescuers, and she thanked them for their brave actions in rescuing the stranded dog.


Amanda and Scott revealed that Lucky had been stranded for eight days at the hands of her very cruel owner; he apparently took the dog hiking with him, and when she became injured and stuck in an area he couldn’t reach, he simply left her there without notifying anyone. It is truly a miracle that Lucky’s rescue story ended with Lucky alive and well.

Ellen: Animal Adoption & Rescue Group

John, another of Lucky’s heroes, is now looking to adopt her and give her the great home that she deserves. John and Stefan are both also spearheading a new animal rescue organization, with which everyone hopes to help out.

For their amazing, heroic efforts, Lucky’s eight rescuers each received some pretty cool stuff that will help make their next hike a lot easier: a $2500 Columbia Sportswear gift card, plus some water canteens with Ellen’s face on them!

Here’s hoping that Lucky’s rescue story will inspire, and that more people will become willing to help an animal in need.


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