Ellen: Hélène Campbell Double Lung Transplant Update


Ellen: Hélène Campbell Lung Transplant

Ellen first talked to Hélène Campbell several months ago. At the time, Hélène was awaiting a double lung transplant. She returned to the show today via live webcam to tell Ellen about what it’s like now that she’s had the transplant.

“You look fantastic!” Ellen said. “I can’t believe it’s been only seven weeks since your double lung transplant!”


Ellen: Helene Campbell Update

Past Ellen guest Helene Campbell gave an update on her recent double lung transplant.

“It feels amazing,” Hélène said. Her recovery was a “slow process” and took about a month. She said even the tiny differences that her new healthy lungs have made in her life have been amazing.

“I was able to make my mom Mother’s Day dinner and I haven’t been able to do something like that in such a long time,” Hélène said. “Seven weeks and I’m dancing and laughing and even brushing my teeth without feeling out of breath.”


Hélène had a really wonderfully positive energy about her and a great sense of humor. She said now she “can sing like Louis Armstrong with my wonderful voice.”

Ellen: Hélène Campbell 21st Birthday

Unfortunately, Hélène had to spend her 21st birthday in the hopsital. But that didn’t seem to both her at all. Given her condition, she was only allowed to celebrate with a cup of juice, but she was so grateful that it didn’t even matter to her.

“It was just so good,” she said. “I was so happy. It tasted so good.”

Ellen: Hélène Campbell Organ Donation

After appearing on Ellen for the first time, Hélène received a tremendous amount of support from people all over the world.

“I received messages from people from South Africa, people from the Alps,” Hélène said.

Hélène said she was happy to have the opportunity to spread awareness about the importance of organ donation.

“An average day in the states, 18 people die because they can’t get the right organs,” she said.

She talked a lot during her chat with Ellen about the importance of being an organ donor and Ellen encouraged all of her fans to become organ donors if they aren’t already.

“You will save someone’s life,” Ellen said.

Ellen Dance Dare: Hélène Campbell

Hélène she had a gift for Ellen and she surprised her with a late submission to the “dance dare.”

“Your dance dare came out when I couldn’t dance,” Hélène said.

Her video featured her dancing behind unsuspecting bystanders at a bookstore. It was hilarious and Ellen seemed in disbelief that Hélène was already dancing just seven weeks after her surgery.

“I cannot wait to meet you in person,” Ellen said. “We are going to dance together on this show. As soon as you’re healthy enough, we’re going to fly you and your mom out.”


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