Ellen: Hélène Campbell Give2Live Charity & Justin Bieber’s Underwear


Ellen: Hélène Campbell Organ Transplant

Over a year ago Ellen met Hélène Campbell over Skype. Hélène was in desperate need of a double lung transplant. She had a disease that caused her lungs to harden and the elasticity was gone from her lungs. The only treatment was a transplant. A few weeks later, Hélène received her new lungs and a year ago Ellen promised her a dance on stage as soon as she was well.

Ellen: Hélène Campbell Give2Live Charity & Justin Bieber's Underwear

Hélène Campbell received a double lung transplant and started Give2Live to help others in need of organs.


Hélène came out dancing. She said she feels great. After the surgery she was sore and had 43 percent functioning in her lungs. Now she is at 73 and it keeps getting better. She has had some set backs, but she’s now ready to start living life again.

Ellen: Hélène Campbell Meets Justin Bieber

Ellen hooked Hélène up with her friend Justin Bieber. Bieber and his grandparents took her on a tour of their home and she got to take his dogs on a walk. He took her to his bedroom and gave her a pair of his Ellen underwear.

“That’s Justin’s underwear! I’d know them anywhere!” Ellen laughed.


Ellen signed the underwear and she’s going to have Beiber sign them as well. They will be auctioned off to help Hélène’s charity she is starting, Give2Live.

Ellen: Give2Live Hélène Campbell

The underwear will for sure win a lot of money for Hélène’s charity. Give2Live is helping those in need of organ transplants. It’s a hard and stressful time on a person and the money will go to an honorable cause. They hope to have housing to help those receiving organs. You can either donate money to Give2Live or you can buy a bracelet to support the cause.

Ellen encouraged everyone to become an organ donor. She is a registered donor and said it’s the greatest gift you can give someone.

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