Ellen Helen Hunt Gets Naked Role in The Sessions & Gets Oscar Buzz Too


Ellen: Helen Hunt in The Sessions

After getting the animal talk out of the way, Ellen asked Helen Hunt about the new movie she is starring in, titled The Sessions. Hunt, who is getting a significant amount of Oscar buzz for her performance, along with the movie being an Oscar contender, said the movie is about a journalist named Mark O’Brien who got polio when he was just six years old.

Ellen: Helen Hunt The Sessions

Ellen talks with Helen Hunt about her role in the movie ‘The Sessions.’ She plays a sex surrogate, gets naked often in the movie & has received Oscar buzz. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


He spends his entire life inside an iron lung and around the age of 36 he wants to have some type of sexual encounter with a woman, which he describes as having a pane of glass between himself and the rest of the world, where he has to watch the rest of the world devour a delicious feast as he watches alone.

Ellen: Helen Hunt Sex Surrogate

Helen Hunt plays the sex surrogate in the movie, a person who is trained in sex therapy and has sexual relations with their patients. The sex surrogates have a limited number of sessions to prevent love intruding in the therapy and work with the patient to get past a number of sexual problems, such as lack of intimacy, lack of confidence and more.

Hunt said her character in the movie, the sex surrogate, describes the difference between a sex surrogate and a prostitute as such; a prostitute wants the person to return for business, while the sex surrogate wants the person to experience love with a person they want to love.


Ellen: Helen Hunt Strips Down

The movie, which received a standing ovation at the Sundance Film Festival, shows Hunt taking on a role not many other actresses would not take on. There are many points in the movie Helen Hunt is completely naked, walking around casually in the bare or performing her sex surrogacy duties.

Hunt said she wanted to do the role for two reasons. One, she said she isn’t getting any younger and two, she wants people to be open about sex. She wants people to realize sex is funny and strange and imperfect and people should be allowed to do what they want with their partners. She wants people to be more vocal with each other. And when she weighed that against her having to take her clothes off, she decided to take the role.


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