Ellen Heidi Klum Hawaii Riptide Rescue & America’s Got Talent Season 8


Ellen: Heidi Klum

Ellen Heidi Klum Hawaii Riptide Rescue & America's Got Talent Season 8

Heidi Klum rescued her son and nannies from a rip tide in Hawaii two weeks ago. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen brought one of her favorite people, Heidi Klum, on to talk about her life. Heidi is a busy woman. She’s working on two reality shows and being a hands-on mom. She even rescued her son and nannies from a rip tide recently.


Ellen: Hawaii Rip Tide Rescue

Two weeks ago, Heidi was in Hawaii with her family. Every day was beautiful until the last day. A rip tide came and took her son and the nannies out to sea. Little Henry was a strong swimmer and he didn’t have a problem getting out. The nannies had a hard time. Heidi said she taught her kids to swim at two-years-old.

The paparazzi were taking pictures while she was trying to rescue the adults. Ellen wondered why they didn’t put the camera down and jump in to help.

Ellen: Heidi Klum’s Kids

Heidi is such a hands-on mom. Heidi said her kids are loving soccer and gymnastics. They want to be like the Fab 5 American Women’s Team. She has a balancing beam at home for her girls to train.


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Ellen: Reality Show Queen

Project Runway is Heidi’s fifth baby, she said. It’s now in it’s eleventh season. She’s also judging America’s Got TalentShe likes that it’s a show you can watch with your family. She said it’s a laugh riot.

Heidi said she’s been jet setting around the country with her kids for America’s Got TalentShe’s exhausted.

Ellen: Heidi Klum’s Birthday Hat

Heidi turns 40 on June 1 but she’s looking 30. She said she loves her birthday because it celebrates still being here and living life. Her 40th birthday is a hat party. Everyone has to find a fun and awesome hat to wear to the party.

Ellen created a hat just for Heidi. It commemorates her Super Mom abilities. The hat is made of a red life saver and seaweed and nets. Very appropriate considering the circumstances.

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Ellen: Guesstures With Heidi Klum

The last time Ellen and Heidi played Guesstures it didn’t go so well. Heidi wasn’t clear on the rules. She’s back to redeem herself.

Ellen’s partner had to guess Wink, Funny Bone and Karate. Heidi’s partner guessed high heels, body builder and lollipop. Heidi did much better and they tied. She was even playing in heels!


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