Ellen: Guiliana & Bill Rancic Ready For Love & Toasty Toque Review


Ellen: Guiliana & Bill Rancic

This couple has a lot on their plates. They have a new baby, Duke, and are on five shows between the two of them. Guiliana and Bill are famous for their celebrity coverage and friends. You really can’t turn on a celebrity news show without seeing one of them.

Ellen: Baby Duke Rancic

Ellen: Guiliana & Bill Rancic Ready For Love & Ian's Toasty Toque

Guiliana and Bill Rancic got a special made high chair from Ellen for their baby boy, Duke. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Guiliana said she was born with a giant head and was 13 pounds. She was glad that Duke looks like Bill and didn’t take after her head size. Guiliana said she was born in Italy in her parents’ home. Neighbors had to come over and sit on her mother’s stomach to get her out. Ouch.

Ellen had a surprise for the Rancics. Because mommy and daddy are in the public eye, she expects Duke to be a talk show host. She gave Guiliana and Bill a high chair with a big sign for The Duke Rancic Show. It’s the perfect gift for Guiliana’s little boy.

Ellen: Guiliana Rancic Breast Cancer Battle

Ellen said she was amazed by Guiliana’s strength and bravery during her battle with breast cancer. Guiliana said she had no family history of breast cancer, so it was a shock. She and Bill wanted to use her platform of E! News and Fashion Police to help others with her story.


Bill said that he has had people come up to him and say that Guiliana’s story encouraged them to get checked for breast cancer. That’s why they wanted to share their story, to encourage others to be strong and get checked. Early detection can save a life.

Ellen: Ready For Love

The Rancics’ newest project is Ready For LoveTheir matchmakers seek out people looking for love. Producer Eva Longoria picked the men herself and Bill said they are great guys. He said if his sister were single he would want to set her up with these men. Ready For Love airs April 9 on NBC.

Ellen: Toasty Toque Review

Ian is 10 and is in fifth grade. He had a business card made up for his invention, which he presented to Ellen. He made the Toasty Toque. It’s a hat that warms your head and ears. He’s working on the bulkiness of the product and hopes to get lithium ion batteries. As of now, you have to wear a tool belt to hold the big battery pack. Still, when my ears are warm and yours are cold who’s going to wish they had a Toasty Toque?

Take that, China.


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