Ellen: Gotham Ben McKenzie + Binge-Watching The O.C. & Car Accident


Ellen TV: Ben McKenzie Head Injury & Car Accident

Ellen DeGeneres introduced her next guest, Ben McKenzie, as the star of the new show Gotham, that premieres Monday, September 22.

Ben shared that he bashed his head in on set Friday, September 20, which also happened to be his birthday. He said he had to get a few stitches underneath the skin. He said he was doing a fight scene where he had to pick up the guy and slam him into a concrete wall. He said he did it correctly the first time, but then the second time he accidentally slammed himself into the wall, resulting in a lot of blood.


Ellen: Gotham Ben McKenzie + Binge-Watching The O.C. & Car Accident

Ellen sat down with Ben McKenzie to talk about his new show Gotham. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

He was also just in a car accident, three hours ago. He said the woman was taking a left and he slammed on his breaks and they were both fine. Ben said the woman had no idea who he was. He said it would’ve been a nice “meet-cute.”

Ellen asked if she was young and someone he would’ve wanted to meet. Ben said not under those circumstances, but yeah. He said he has her insurance information, so he’ll look her up.


Ellen: Ben McKenzie Gotham Review

Ellen then asked about Gotham and said it was getting great reviews. She explained that it’s the prequel to Batman, which Ben joked was “just a little” pressure. He said the fans are really into the world, so it’s good pressure. He said it’s an honor to portray the characters.

He explained that in Gotham, you’re seeing all the familiar characters, including Bruce Waynein a chapter of their lives that is much earlier, and hasn’t been seen on screen before. Bruce Wayne is just 12 years old, and Ben plays Jim Gordon, a rookie police detective who is assigned the case of the Wayne murders. He said he meets young Bruce and tells him he will get to the bottom of the case, and a conspiracy unravels.

He said you’re basically meeting all the villains and all the heroes in a chapter of their lives you haven’t seen before.

Ben is living in New York shooting the show, and he said there’s so much marketing in New York. He said he’s even taken a few cab rides where the drivers have recognized him as the “guy from Gotham.” He said they apologize for not having seen the show yet, not realizing the show hasn’t even been on TV yet. Monday, September 22 it all begins!

Ellen TV: Does Ben McKenzie Binge Watch The O.C.?

Ellen then said that Ben was quoted saying that he binge-watches The O.C. over and over again. He said he once sarcastically replied that he re-watches the entire series every year and they thought he was serious. He said, “That would be crazy if I did that.”

He said he loves the show and it was a great experience, but he would never sit down and watch it all together. Ellen said sarcasm in print doesn’t exactly work.

Ellen said she wanted to protect Ben McKenzie, so she got him a Batman-themed helmet.


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