Ellen Gives Family Disneyland Vacation and $10,000 IKEA Gift Card


Ellen Helps A Struggling Family

Ellen gives a struggling family a paid vacation to Disneyland a $10,000 IKEA gift card!

Ellen: Armando’s Struggling Family

Ellen $10,000 IKEA Gift Card

Ellen gives a struggling family a paid vacation to Disneyland a $10,000 IKEA gift card! (Image Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Armando is a man who Ellen said has a good job but struggles to make ends meet for his wife and five daughters.


Recently, Armando and his wife planned to take their daughters on a vacation to Disneyland. However, their refrigerator broke and they had to use their vacation money to buy a new one.

Furthermore, this was the second time they were unable to take their daughters to Disneyland. They were going to go last year as well, but Armando’s wife became pregnant with their fifth daughter, so they had to postpone the trip.

Ellen felt bad for Armando and thus invited him to her show. He and his family spent the show in the dressing room.


Ellen called Armando in the dressing room and told him to come out onstage. Then Jeannie showed up with a golf cart and brought Armando, his wife and their five daughters to the stage.

Ellen gave each member of Armando’s family a big hug.

Once they were all seated, Ellen began talking to Armando and his family about their situation.

Ellen said she heard Armando’s wife was the “rock of the family.”

“What keeps you so positive?” Ellen asked.

Armando’s wife said that her family keeps her positive.

“Are you going to dwell on the bad things in life or are you going to look at what you have?” she asked.

Ellen: Free Disneyland Vacation

Ellen was so moved by Armando’s family that she said she was giving them an expenses paid vacation to Disneyland for four days and three nights.

Then Ellen gave Armando’s daughters Disney merchandise to take with them on their vacation.

Ellen: $10,000 IKEA Gift Card

As if that weren’t enough, Ellen then gave Armando’s family a $10,000 gift card to IKEA!

Armando and his wife freaked out because, with that much money, they could afford to buy all new appliances for their home!



  1. jay says

    This is rediculous. how much cna a fridge cost 2 grand, even gettign a used fridge cant cost mroe than a grand, What makes the family so special? They atleast have a job they cna afford to save money for disneyland. There are families who can’t even make it to the end of the month on 1 grand let alone save any fo that money for disneyland. So thier fridge broke, its not like they lost thier house and had to use that money to pay mortgage or soemthing. Ellen, Oprah, Rosie need to think of us little people not people who can make ends meet and go to disneyland!

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