Ellen Gives Back, 10 Year Montage Helping People & Woman Gets $10,000


Ellen Gives Back: 10 Year Montage of Helping People

Ellen Gives Back, 10 Year Montage Helping People & Woman Gets $10,000

Ellen shows a video of her helping people the last 10 years, from helping a principal with her school to giving a woman money, a car & her husband from Iraq.
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Ellen said she has learned two things working on the show. One, the easiest way to make the audience scream is by getting Mario Lopez to drop his pants on stage. And two, there is nothing better than helping people in need.


Ellen continued by showing a montage of some of the thousands of people she has helped throughout the past ten years.

Ellen: Car Giveaways

She looks back at giving out cars to people who needed a new car. She looks back at giving out money to people who were in some really tight financial spots. And numerous times she has brought a husband back from war to be reunited with his family and wife on stage.

Ellen Gives Back: Mom Robin Wodek

She showed some clips from the time she helped Robin Wodek, the woman who could not stop crying from the moment Ellen walked out of the stage to the moment she was on the stage with Ellen.


Ellen looked back at reuniting a woman with her husband, giving them a new car and $10,000 to help them get back on their feet.

Ellen: Whitney Elementary School Reunion

She looked back at helping the principal of Whitney Elementary School, by giving the school over $100,000, brand new computers and new books for all the students to use.

She also looks back at the time she helped Jodi Fisher, a woman with cancer, when she gave her $30,000 for her children’s education.

Ellen: Carol Gets Some More Help

Ellen called Carol back on to the stage to see how she is doing after getting a new car from Ellen.

Carol, the women who yells “good things happen when you call” in the video above, said she has driven the car 72,100 miles and has thought of Ellen every single one of those miles. She said it changed her entire family.

Ellen: $10,000 Surprise

Ellen said she heard they paid all their bills and only had $100 left for groceries and that they had to take out a loan against her husband’s retirement to try and get out of debt. Carols said it was true, that they are in never ending debt, but she was still excited about getting a car three years ago.

Ellen told her she made her a photo album to take home, but instead of pictures, there was $10,000 inside the book.


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