Ellen Gives $20,000 To One Fund Boston & Ellen Pompeo’s First Jobs


Ellen Pompeo Margaritas

Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo came by Ellen May 3 2013 to talk about being a cocktail waitress and to win money for charity. When she came out, she was supposed to bring margaritas with her, but she said someone backstage didn’t trust her with the tray. Not to fear, though, because a man wearing a sombrero and short shorts came out to deliver it. Ellen Pompeo didn’t make the margaritas, though. She said they’d be a lot stronger if she did.

Ellen Pompeo Bartending & Cocktail Waitressing

Ellen Gives $20,000 To One Fund Boston & Ellen Pompeo's First Jobs

Ellen Pompeo stopped by Ellen May 3 2013 to talk about her daughter, being a waitress when she was younger and to play a game to win money for Boston.


Ellen Pompeo said she used to be a bartender and a cocktail waitress, but she preferred cocktail waitressing because she could get more money out of people. She said she used to break into the cigarette machines and take the cigarettes out to sell them individually. She said as the night goes on, people would pay more and more for cigarettes. She said she would charge $5, $10 or even $20 for a cigarette. Ellen Pompeo said she did it because she had plans and “big moves to make.”

Ellen Pompeo’s Chickens and Daughter

Ellen Pompeo has two chickens. She said her daughter loves the chickens and getting the eggs from the coop. Nicole Richie, who was also on Ellen May 3 2013, has two children and Ellen Pompeo’s daughter plays with them. “Those are the finest two children in town,” Ellen Pompeo said, “I mean, my kid’s pretty great, too.” She added that Nicole Richie’s children are just “amazing examples of the woman she has become and who she is.”

Ellen Pompeo: Boston Marathon Bombings

Ellen Pompeo is originally from Boston and her sister and her niece were a block away from the explosions at the Boston Marathon. They had just parked the car and were on their way to the finish line when the explosion went off. But both of them were all right and made it back to the car okay.


Ellen Pompeo added that the ER workers and surgeons aren’t used to seeing the type of injuries they saw that day and that all of them should be in our prayers for what they did and the post-traumatic stress they may have now.

Ellen Pompeo Raising Money For Boston

Ellen Pompeo played a game on Ellen where she had to throw tortillas into a sombrero worn by the short shorts guy who brought out the margaritas earlier. Each tortilla into the sombrero will earn $1,000 for One Fund Boston. “I gotta do this for my Boston peeps,” Ellen Pompeo said. She was able to get 11 into the sombrero, but because it was too easy for her, Ellen gave her a gigantic tortilla to try to get into the sombrero. Ellen Pompeo missed, but the guy wearing the sombrero put it on his head. Ellen decided to round the number up to $20,000 for One Fund Boston.


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