Ellen: Gaydar Only 60 Percent Accurate, Just Kid Ink & Rihanna Tattoo


Ellen: Gaydar Only 60 Percent Accurate

Ellen: Gaydar Only 60 Percent Accurate, Just Kid Ink & Rihanna Tattoo

Ellen looks at a study that shows gaydar is only 60 percent accurate, checks out some funny drawings children made inJust Kid Ink & Rihanna’s tattoo.
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Ellen said she wants people who watch her show to learn things. And she said there are always new studies out there. Which they should have a study for as well. A study on why there are so many studies.


Anyways, the National Science Foundation did a study on gaydar, the term people use for the ability to tell if someone is gay. And if you have really good gaydar, you can tell if someone is straight but tried stuff at camp. Ellen also said everyone is the audience probably has their gaydar going off and she asked them to put it on silent until the end of the show.

The study found that gaydar is only accurate 60% of the time, which is only 10% better than being 50/50. Ellen has the same results when she talks to the Olsen twins.

Can’t we just leave the labels alone? Ellen only labels the food she leaves at the office and it says lesbian on it. Plus we have TMZ to tell us who is gay. We should just leave people alone and only judge them by the car they drive.


Ellen: Just Kid Ink

Ellen asked viewers to send in some funny drawers or letters their kids made and Ellen got some really funny ones. One women sent in a picture she drew in kindergarten of her parents and one man drew a picture of the Ghostbusters, except it looks a bit more “inappropriate” than it should.

Check out all the drawings from the segment Just Kid Ink in the video below.

Ellen: Rihanna on Being Without Clothing

Ellen called Rihanna out right away and she was looking very good on Ellen today.

Ellen said she did great on SNL the other night, as well as looked fabulous posing nearly without clothing for her cover on GQ magazine. She poses without clothing all the time really, which she said is not that strange for her. She said no one feels completely comfortable in their skin, but she is playing a character of sorts and is able to get comfortable and zone everything out.

She said coming from Barbados it is different there. Rihanna said when she moves to music as they would in Barbados it comes off differently in the States.

Ellen: Rihanna Tattoo

Ellen asked her about her tattoo and Rihanna said it was for her grandmother and it was very painful and ticklish at the same time. She said she used a lot of numbing cream and just hoped it wouldn’t tickle her.


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