Ellen: Gabriel Mann ‘Revenge’ Star Quits Acting


Ellen: Gabriel Mann Interview

When will TV networks change their policies and give viewers what they want? It’s a question that’s been dogging Ellen DeGeneres when it come to her favorite new TV drama, Revenge.

She asked her guest, Revenge star Gabriel Mann, what was up with the show’s haphazard scheduling and frequent repeats.


“They’ve created this show. It’s like crack. And then you take the crack away,” Gabriel said. “It’s not nice.”

Ellen: Revenge TV Show New Episodes & Repeats

Revenge star Gabriel Mann made his TV talk show debut with Ellen. He said that the show will return in April with new episode until the end of the season.

Ellen: Revenge Star Gabriel Mann

Revenge star Gabriel Mann opened up to Ellen about his character and personal life. (Helga Esteb/Shutterstock.com)


“You’re supposed to do that,” Ellen said, echoing a common complaint for TV viewers these days.

Gabriel said that he feels like they are dragging it out until the TV season ends in May

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Ellen: Revenge Gabriel Mann

Ellen called Revenge one of her favorite shows of the year. Gabriel plays Nolan Ross, a “misfit tech genius and troublemaker” who is playing every angle with the show’s other characters.

“I get to hopefully sleep with everyone in the show by the end of it,” Gabriel said.

Gabriel Mann Revenge Bisexual Character

Ellen said she was surprised to find out that his character in the show is bisexual, and has had relationships with men and women. Gabriel said he hopes his character will set his sights on the show’s nemesis, played by Madeline Stowe.

The talk show host said that she also admires his character’s life of leisure, which is spent sipping cocktails by his pool instead of punching a clock.

Ellen: Gabriel Mann Quits Acting

Gabriel Mann told Ellen he was two weeks away from giving up on his dream and quitting the acting business, when he got cast in this show.

He was preparing to move home and live with his mom again when he got the script for Revenge. “Just when you think you’re out, they pull you back in,” Gabriel said, doing his best Al Pacino impression, which was not great.

He called Ellen one of his idols, and said he was flattered to be her guest.

Gabriel Mann Station Wagon

Ellen said she expects Revenge to get picked up for a second season, and when it does, she hopes he invests in a new car.

Gabriel explained that he currently drives a gold Saturn station wagon, which he called “a soccer mom mobile.”

He said it doesn’t fit him, because he doesn’t have kids or play soccer. “They call it a Saturn, because that’s where you’re going to have to go to get parts, ‘cause they don’t make it anymore.”

Gabriel said his nickname for his car is the Golden Globe. “I don’t have one, but I drive in one,” he said.

Ellen: Gabriel Mann Bumper Sticker

Ellen gave Gabriel a bumper sticker for his car, which said, “In this beat up car is a huge, huge TV star.”

Gabriel also had a gift for Ellen. He gave her a prop from the show, a high tech video camera. But it made her paranoid, since his character on the show uses it to spy on people.

Revenge airs Wednesday nights on ABC.


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