Ellen Fights Bullying: Body Shop Fixes Bullied College Student’s Car


Ellen: Fight Bullying

Sometimes a simple act of kindness can make your whole world change. Ellen said when they heard this story they knew they had to have it on their premiere show. A small town in Virginia, a young man’s car was vandalized four times with “Fag” and “Die” scratched into the doors. A local body shop repairman heard the story and was determined to help him out.

Fight Bullying: Homophobic Slurs On Car

Ellen: Jordan Addison Bullied College Student & Richard Henegar Jr.

Ellen DeGeneres talked with Jordan Addison, a bullied college student, and Richard Henegar Jr, the man who fixed his car without even knowing him. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Jordan Addison was home on Spring Break and he had homophobic slurs scraped into his car and a little after he went back to school he had his tires slashed. About two weeks after that, someone took a brick or bat and completely smashed in his windshield. His aunt, uncle and himself work hard to pay for his vehicle and keep his expenses going. His aunt and uncle actually came out of retirement to help him go through college. He said knowing it is not safe for him to park his car somewhere because of his sexual orientation makes him not even want to leave his house.

Fight Bullying: Richard Henegar Jr. Helps Jordan Out

Richard Henegar Jr., Manager at Quality Auto Paint and Body, heard Jordan’s story and said he doesn’t take discrimination of any sort kindly and he wanted to help Jordan as much as he could. Jordan got an email from Richard and told him to bring his car into the shop and see what he could do with it. The shop was like 30-40 minutes from his school and Jordan had never even heard of Richard prior to this email.

Richard Henegar Jr.: $10,000 Worth Of Improvements On Jordan’s Car

Richard said he wanted to turn this negative situation into something positive. He said, “When life gives him lemons, he makes lemonade.” They repainted his entire car, fixed the damage, tinted the windows, put a stereo system in it, put an alarm system in it, but also the normal wear and tear that a car with over 200,000 miles has, so they refurbished the entire thing. Richard said when all was said and done, they probably put $10,000 worth of work into his car.


Jordan said he had no idea what he was doing with his car and it just blew his mind. Richard said it felt great to give him his car, but it didn’t sink in until afterwards when they started to get responses from the world about how much they touched them with their kind deed. Jordan said, “For someone to do something this great for someone they’ve never even met before is phenomenal.” Richard said, “I just wanted to help him out. I’d help anybody.”

Ellen: Jordan Addison and Richard Henegar Jr. Interview

Ellen said Richard is the kind of guy that gives everyone hope. Jordan said he drove around from March until August with the words on his car. They did some fundraisers on campus and raised about $500, which reimbursed his aunt and uncle for the windshield that they paid for and they put junk yard tires on the car.

Richard said it just felt like the right thing to do and he felt compelled to help this man and Jordan didn’t deserve to be the victim of any sort. Of course, Ellen surprised them both with a check from Cover Girl for $25,000.


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