Ellen: Felicity Huffman WhatTheFlicka.com & Coco Snowball Recipe

Ellen: Felicity Huffman Desperate Housewives 

After eight seasons on primetime television, Desperate Housewives came to a close in May. Since then, Felicity Huffman has been navigating life as a mom, wife, actress and now writer and editor of her own webzine, WhatTheFlicka.com. She and Ellen gabbed about the new site, getting older and played a friendly game of Guesstures.

Ellen: Felicity Huffman Turns 50

Ellen: Felicity Huffman WhatTheFlicka.com & Coco Snowball Recipe

Felicity Huffman talked turning 50 and a new cocktail, Coco Snowball recipe. (DFree / Shutterstock.com)

On December 9 2012 Huffman turned 50. Her husband, William H. Macy, threw her a whole week of birthday surprises. She got a present every day and then took her shopping. They came home to all seven of her siblings, which Macy had flown in from all over the country for a huge party. Their friends and kids came for singing, dancing and fun.

Macy took his wife on a weekend getaway in a Rolls Royce. She said she felt like “the queen of England with better shoes.” She was really excited that Rolls Royce’s have umbrellas built into the door, but they cost $450,000. It was a fun weekend car.

Ellen: WhatTheFlicka.com Review

After wrapping her television series, Huffman wanted to do something new. She started a webzine called WhatTheFlicka.com. Flicka is her nickname. The website is now a Forbes top 10 for parents and top 100 for women. As one of eight siblings Huffman wanted a place where women can come and have a safe board to sounds off. It’s for parents and fans of Desperate Housewives as well. She has 26 contributors from a variety of backgrounds.

She called it a place to come and say, “I hate this!” Parents and women can come for recipes, blogs, how-tos and more.

Ellen: The Coco Snowball Recipe

A regular feature on WhatTheFlicka.com is the “Hump Day Cocktail.” This is a simple and cute cocktail you can try at home. It was put together by Lauren Parker-Gill for WhatTheFlicka.


  • 4 ounces of vanilla vodka
  • 4 ounces of Malibu Rum
  • 4 ounces of Coco Lopez Coconut Milk
  • 1/2 an ounce Blue Curacao

Directions: Chill your martini glasses and then rim them with honey and dip into shredded coconut. Pout the ingredients into a martini shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into two martini glasses. Viola!

Ellen: Felicity Huffman Guesstures & Kindle Fire HD

Huffman and Ellen played a friendly competition of Guesstures with two audience members. There was a tie between the teams and the audience members went home with Kindle Fire HDs!

  • Felicity: whisper, hairspray, handcuffs, ukulele
  • Ellen: Kangaroo, shiver, tap dance, tooth paste
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