Ellen: Ewan McGregor & ‘Salmon Fishing In The Yemen’


Ellen: Ewan McGregor Salmon Fishing In The Yemen

Ewan McGregor stars opposite Emily Blunt in the new movie Salmon Fishing In The Yemen. He said they got along great, even though they’d never met until working on this film.

Ewan’s character had what he called an unsexy Scottish accent, but Emily convinced him to go with the accent for the role. He said her confidence and openness showed him that she would be a great scene partner, and they had a wonderful working relationship.


Ellen: Ewan McGregor & Dog

Ewan McGregor's dog Sid goes everywhere with him and even rides in his motorcycle sidecar. (Image Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Salmon Fishing In The Yemen is now playing in select theaters around the United States, so check with your favorite movie house to find out when the film is coming to your area.

Ellen: Ewan McGregor Adopts Dog

Ewan McGregor grew up around dogs, but never had one as an adult. He said he worried that he travels too much for work, plus his wife is allergic to them.


But working with a dog on the movie Beginners inspired him to adopt a dog named Sid. Sid was a rescue dog from the Lange Foundation in Sepulveda, California.

While puppies have their advantages, they can be a lot of work. Rescue dogs are often already housebroken and you can even find many types of purebred animals that need loving homes.

Ewan McGregor’s Dog Rides in Motorcycle Sidecar

Sid was one year old when Ewan adopted him, and the dog travels everywhere Ewan goes for work. Sid even rides in the sidecar of Ewan’s motorcycle, wearing tiny dog goggles, which sounds like an unbelievably cute photo opportunity.

I can’t decide whether the sidecar arrangement would be safe. I’d be afraid the dog would try to jump out. Ellen said she is too nervous and anxious to do that sort of adventurous thing with her pets.

Ewan did bring a picture of Sid riding in the basket of a bicycle, so this really must be a very even tempered dog.

To help keep them safe on the road, Ellen gave Ewan helmets for himself and Sid, which said “Man’s Best Friend” and “Sid’s Best Friend.”


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