Ellen: Eva Mendes Girl In Progress Movie & Taboo Game


Ellen: Eva Mendes Girl In Progress Movie Review

Sometimes when you’re watching a movie or TV show, it seems like the actors are playing themselves or someone they know. But for Eva Mendes, she had to do the opposite as a bad mother in the new film Girl In Progress. Eva also talked to Ellen about her French-Speaking Dog.

“I play this disaster of a mother, the antithesis of my mother in real life, my angel of a mother,” she said. “This woman who’s really clueless and had a daughter at 17 and now is trying to deal with this teenager.”


Ellen DeGeneres asked if that experience was fun, and Eva said it was a good time on set, getting to do the wrong things, such as blowing cigarette smoke into her fictional daughter’s face.

Catch Eva’s evil role in the movie Girl In Progress, in theaters Friday May 11 2012.

Ellen: Eva Mendes Taboo

They're both competitive, but can Eva Mendes best Ellen at a round of Taboo? (Image Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen Vs Eva Mendes Taboo Game

Regular viewers know Ellen has a competitive streak, but Eva Mendes might be up for the challenge of today’s game, a hybrid of Taboo and Celebrity. “I’m known to get a little aggressive when I play,” Eva said. “And a few years ago at Christmas, my little nephew was 11 at the time. I made him cry.”

The challenge with Taboo is to get the other person to guess the keyword without using the other forbidden, but related, words on your clue card. Ellen was giving clues first. In case you want to give their game a try, here are the words (followed by the forbidden words) from today’s game.

  • Shower: Bathroom, bridal, water, clean, wash
  • Drunk: Inebriated, intoxicated, liquor, drive, alcohol
  • Elope: Marry, secret, justice, run, wedding

Ellen barely scored these three points before time ran out.

Eva Mendes Vs Ellen: Taboo Game

Next, it was Eva’s turn to give Ellen clues. Here were the keywords and forbidden words from Eva’s round.

  • Mirror: Wall, see, reflection, looking glass, rear-view
  • Headache: Pain, throb, aspirin, migraine, temple
  • Mini-Skirt: Short, 1960s, fashion, sexy, women
  • Laugh: Funny, ha-ha, chuckle, giggle, joke

Eva got buzzed for “ha has” during her fake laugh demonstration. Then the ladies couldn’t decide who won the game, eventually deciding that Eva Mendes was the victor.

Ellen suggested that she have a game night with Eva Mendes In Onesie Pajamas.


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