Ellen: Eva Mendes’ Belgian Malinois Dog Speaks French & Ryan Gosling


Ellen: Eva Mendes Belgian Malinois Dog

How many languages does your dog speak? Eva Mendes has a new addition to her family, and it may not be fluent in English quite yet, but it is well versed in French.

“He’s a Belgian Malinois. He’s an attack dog,” Eva Mendes told Ellen. “All his commands are in French, and I don’t speak French, but I can basically tell him to sit down, shut up, and kill. The essential words, I guess.”


Ellen: Eva Mendes Dog

Actress Eva Mendes talked to Ellen about having it all: onesie pajamas, a French-speaking dog & maybe even a relationship with Ryan Gosling. (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Eva Mendes even brought a few photos of her dog, Hugo, who looks like he’s in the Shepherd family. She said it would take a lot of time and effort to retrain the dog with English commands. She has even learned the proper inflections for giving commands.

Ellen: Eva Mendes Onesie Pajamas

Eva Mendes says her family is always there for her, and she loves to bring them along to her Ellen Show visits. They were in the audience for this show as well, though they were wearing normal clothes, not pajamas.


Ellen recalled that Eva Mendes was frantically searching for onesie pajamas. That’s because her family celebrates Thanksgiving in their pajamas. Now the tradition has spread to include Christmas, and the onesie idea inspired Ellen to sell onesie pajamas in the Ellen Shop.

To thank Eva for her contribution, Ellen gave Eva and her entire family onesie pajamas. I got some onesie pajamas for Christmas, and they are super comfortable during winter. I wonder how the ones I received compare to the ones in the Ellen Shop. Has anyone tried them? Leave a comment and let us know how they are.

Ellen: Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling

Ellen had Ryan Gosling and her entire audience model the pajamas in January 2011, and Eva Mendes said she should ask Ryan about his shared love for onesie pajamas if she sees him out and about. (Since it’s rumored that Eva and Ryan are an item, this was Ellen’s way of broaching the subject.)

Eva accidentally revealed that she calls the actor by his last name. Ellen also had a surprise gift for the maybe-couple: twosies pajamas, literally joined at the hip. Despite the audience’s reaction and Ellen’s cajoling, Eva played it cool and coy, not giving up any details about her relationship status.

“If I happen to see him tonight, I will give this to him,” she said.


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