Ellen: Emma Stone Real Hair Color & Hero Co-Star Ryan Gosling


Ellen: Emma Stone

Emma Stone’s star is on the rise, with buzzed about roles in The Help and Crazy Stupid Love. Now she’s taking on a new challenge in her career, and she revealed her blonde hair to Ellen DeGeneres for their chat.

Ellen said she admires Emma Stone’s talent, and Ellen’s brother Vance was a producer on her recent movie Crazy Stupid Love. But Emma claimed she didn’t know at first that the two were siblings.


Ellen: Emma Stone

Ellen DeGeneres talked with actress Emma Stone about her natural hair color & hero co-star Ryan Gosling. (Helga Esteb/Shutterstock.com)

“DeGeneres? There’s not that many of us around here,” Ellen said.

Ellen: Emma Stone Workout

Emma Stone said she has experimented with Spin Class, but finds the seat painful and the experience underwhelming. She admitted that she doesn’t have much of a workout regimen. She said she does try to dance, which of course is popular with Ellen and her fans.


“But weight lifting makes me go crazy,” Emma Stone said.

What is Emma Stone’s Real Hair Color?

Ellen wanted to get to the bottom of Emma Stone’s hair color situation, which I have to say is alarming. It’s weird seeing this actress, whom we’ve come to know as a redhead, now sporting blonde locks.

Emma Stone revealed the surprising truth about her hair color, which is that it is actually naturally blonde. She said she dyed it brown at age 15 so she could audition for a broader range of roles. It obviously worked, because “a week later I got my first part.”

When she did a camera test for her first movie, Superbad, Judd Apatow told her to dye it red. She’s been rocking the ginger look ever since, but now she has decided to switch back to her natural color because it’s so low maintenance.

Ellen suggested that she try wearing wigs instead of dealing with the complex hair dye process.

Ellen: Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling

In the romantic comedy Crazy Stupid Love, Emma Stone played opposite heartthrob Ryan Gosling, and Ellen asked her about the challenges of working with him, playing it off as if it was a chore to pretend to be attracted to him. I would think the real challenge would be keeping your composure in the event that you truly were attracted to your co-star.

“His body is just insane,” Ellen said.

Ellen: Ryan Gosling Hero

It’s a good thing Emma Stone didn’t know how heroic her co-star Ryan Gosling was at the time they made Crazy Stupid Love. Last year, the actor famously defused a bar fight.

This week, reports are surfacing about another of his Good Samaritan gestures, in which he Saved a British Woman from being hit by a New York City taxi cab. Is there anything he can’t do?

Ellen: Emma Stone Dance Dares

In the ongoing tradition of Ellen’s Dance Dares, Ellen said it is a real challenge to dance behind unsuspecting people without them noticing. But she said Emma Stone made it look easy, and she showed a compilation of the actress’s backstage antics.

She got a whole bunch of victims, including DJ Tony and Tim McGraw. Ellen pointed out that another challenge is dancing without music playing, but Emma Stone said she had a lot of fun and is going to take this up as a hobby.


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