Ellen: Emily VanCamp Zombie Scare and Skype In The Classroom Review


Ellen: Emily VanCamp Revenge 

Ellen: Emily VanCamp Zombie Scare, Jen & Brad Skype In The Classroom

Emily VanCamp was scared by a zombie on Ellen. She said she scares easily. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Every week something crazy happens on RevengeEmily VanCamp plays Emily Thorne, the woman out for revenge against the people that destroyed her family. There is a new episode this Sunday March 10 after weeks off.


VanCamp said the show moves very fast. They’re already catching up on filming episodes just a couple ahead of the one airing this Sunday. She revealed that there is some crazy stuff coming up in the next few weeks. They are adding more cast members and axing some, keeping viewers on their toes.

Ellen: Emily VanCamp In Australia

VanCamp’s advice to Ellen: don’t tickle a Wallaby under the chin. On her visit to Australia, VanCamp got to meet some Aussie critters and got a scratch from a Wallaby when she tickled it under the chin. She heard that kangaroos liked to be chin scratched, but now she knows Wallaby’s do not.

Ellen: Emily VanCamp Zombie Scare

A fan of facing her fears and challenging herself, VanCamp  has climbed heights and swam with sharks. She said it’s freeing to face her fears.


She didn’t look quite free when Ellen scared her with a zombie. VanCamp said she loves zombies, but not when they’re creeping up on her at Ellen. She said she is scared really easily. Point proven.

Ellen: Skype in the Classroom Review

A few weeks ago Ellen met Jen and Brad, a couple newly engaged that needed a new car. She gifted them with a 2013 Toyota Rav 4 and Swisse gave them an Australian honeymoon. She found out they are teachers at a small school that needs help.

The school they teach at is a Title I school. This means that a lot of the kids receive free or reduced fee lunchs. The teachers have to go above and beyond by buying school supplies for the students.

Ellen Skyped into the class and checked in with Brad and Jen. Jen said she had been “floating on a cloud” since meeting Ellen. Ellen loved their passion for students and wanted to help. She gifted them with school supplies and a little something extra.

Skype In The Classroom connects teachers and students all over the world. Skype gave the school $50,000 to help with school supplies and education for the kids.

Ellen: JC Penney Joe Fresh Reviews

Ellen partners with J.C. Penney to promote their deals and clothing lines. Until today, Joe Fresh was only carried in the Manhattan JCP. It’s now going to be in stores around the country and JCP gave $10,000 to an audience member.

Two girls battled it out to assemble a puzzle first. The winner got $10,000 for the high fashion clothing line and the runner-up got $1,000 J.C. Penney gift card.


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