Ellen: Emily VanCamp ‘Revenge’ Croc Stare & Red Vera Wang Dress


Ellen: Emily VanCamp Revenge TV Show

Emily VanCamp is the star of one of Ellen’s favorite new TV shows, Revenge. She told Emily that her staff talks about the show every Thursday morning.

Ellen asked why the show is taking so many weeks off. “People get so mad at me about this,” Emily said. “I don’t really have much control over it.”


Emily explained that ABC would have to answer that question.

Ellen: Emily VanCamp & Revenge

Emily VanCamp shared on set secrets from the hit soap Revenge with Ellen DeGeneres. (Helga Esteb/Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Revenge Is The Dallas Of Our Time

Ellen said Revenge is the Dynasty or Knots Landing or Dallas of modern times, a Hamptons soap opera that sucks you in.


Emily said her character’s life was destroyed by a Hamptons family, and she returns to the town to exact her Revenge on them. Ellen asked what will happen once she achieved her goal.

Where will the show go once she gets her Revenge? Apparently, that’s a well kept secret, because even its star Emily VanCamp doesn’t know what’s next.

Emily VanCamp Revenge Croc Stare

Emily’s nemesis is played by Madeline Stowe, and Ellen complimented the actresses for their cutting stares.

Emily said they call her iconic stare The Croc. She explained that she came up with the idea that her character is a Crocodile, taking people down. “If I’m not doing The Croc fast enough, we don’t get to go home,” she said.

“It’s a very intense stare that you do,” Ellen said.

Ellen: Emily Van Camp Red Vera Wang Dress

Ellen asked about the dress Emily has worn many times over the course of the show.

Emily said she recently wore the red Vera Wang dress in a variety of promotional photos and episodes. “The show starts with you in that dress,” Ellen said, “And you have to fit in that dress all the time.”

Emily said she recently did a fight scene in the dress, though it wasn’t a fight with Madeline.

“That dress has been through the wringer,” she said, admitting that the dress was split all the way down the back, exposing her butt.

Emily trained with a Japanese martial artist to bone up on karate for her performances. “Hiro, he’s such a lovely guy,” she said. “He actually had to tape some of the lines to his chest” for her to use as a cheat sheet.

Emily VanCamp Revenge Episodes

Ellen was glad Emily finally made it to the show, because her staff really enjoys keeping up with the soapy mystery. New episodes of Revenge air Wednesdays on ABC.


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