Ellen: Emily Blunt YSL Opium Perfume Review & Leopard Co-Star


Ellen: Emily Blunt & John Krasinski Dance Moves

Ellen DeGeneres said she can’t get enough of British actress Emily Blunt. Emily Blunt said she planned her Victoria Beckham dress so she would be able to dance and move freely during her appearance on the show.

Ellen called her weirdly funny, and recalled when Emily and her husband, The Office actor John Krasinski, attended a party at Ellen and Portia’s house last summer.


Ellen: Emily Blunt & John Krasinski

Emily Blunt revealed to Ellen that she and husband John Krasinski love to dance around the house. (Featureflash/Shutterstock.com)

John Krasinski’s signature dance move is a lunge, which Emily called dangerous because he has long legs. Ellen wondered if the couple lunges or dances together at home, and Emily admitted that they do enjoy practicing their moves. She said the dog knows to stay out of the way, and will retreat to his bed if he thinks their music is too loud.

Ellen: Emily Blunt’s Dog

Ellen said the couple’s large dog is very well behaved, and Emily noted that he thinks he is a lapdog. Emily said he was shaken up after flying with them on a recent trip to New York. She gives the dog Benadryl for the same reason her mother drinks whiskey at night: “To take the edge off.” Emily said the Blunt family all lives in London, though she has been living in the US for about three years.


Ellen: Emily Blunt YSL Opium Perfume Review

Ellen congratulated Emily on her gig as the face of YSL’s Opium Perfume.

“It was fun. I was a bit nervous to do that kind of perfume ad,” she said. “I thought it was going to be a lot of…predatory looks into the camera, which ended up being the commercial actually, everything I was scared of.”

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Ellen: Emily Blunt Vs Leopard YSL Perfume

Emily had to co-star in the commercial with a Leopard, but she revealed that she wasn’t allowed to actually touch the animal. Instead, a stunt double was used for the shot in which she appears to pet the beast.

“Leopards, in comparison to lions and tigers, are quite temperamental to train,” Emily said. She also revealed that the leopard trainer advised that she not wear a flowing fabric, which could entice the animal. That’s why she is wearing a tuxedo in the commercials.

“That explains why safari outfits are not made of flowy fabric,” Ellen said.

Ellen: Emily Blunt The Five Year Engagement

Ellen shared a clip from Emily Blunt’s latest film, The Five Year Engagement, in which her co-star Jason Segel revealed that she ruined his surprise proposal.

“We were trying to do something that thinks outside of the genre,” Emily said. “And there’s a lot of improv. It’s really bawdy. It’s really funny.”

She said the chemistry of their friendship, and the fact that Jason Segel wrote the script with her in mind to play opposite himself. The plot follows the couple’s five-year engagement, and the obstacles that interfere with their marriage plans.


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