Ellen: Emily Blunt Edge Of Tomorrow, New Baby Hazel & Heads Up Game


Ellen: Emily Blunt New Baby

Emily Blunt came by Ellen to talk about The Edge Of TomorrowEllen said she hadn’t seen Emily Blunt since she was pregnant and she was surprised Emily looked so good. After all, it had only been three months since she had her baby. Ellen wondered what she named her baby. Emily said that it’s very stressful naming another human being. She ended up naming her daughter Hazel. She said they went through a few different names, but both her and her husband John Krasinski like old lady names.

Ellen: Emily Blunt Edge Of Tomorrow, New Baby Hazel & Heads Up Game

Ellen talked with star Emily Blunt about her new movie The Edge of Tomorrow, her new baby Hazel, and how she got in shape for the new movie. Plus, they played Heads Up. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


She also said that when they were in the recovery room, a nurse came in and told them that their baby was cute. When Emily Blunt said she must say that to all the mothers, the nurse said, “No, I don’t. When I know a baby’s ugly, I say, you had a baby.” Emily Blunt said those parents probably know exactly what that means.

Ellen: Emily Blunt John Krasinski Burping

Emily Blunt said that John Krasinski was the “burp king.” He’s really good at getting Hazel to burp. She said that sometimes, he burps her and she’s surprised by how loud it is.

Ellen: Emily Blunt Getting In Shape

Emily Blunt had extensive training for The Edge Of Tomorrow. She had to wear an “exo-suit” for the film, which weighed 85 pounds. She said the first time she put it on she cried. Tom Cruise came in when she first put it on and she started crying and he told her not to be a wuss. She said that was just what she needed to snap out of it.


To train for the film, she did a lot of different things, like sprint training, gymnastics, yoga, and Israeli martial arts.

Ellen: Emily Blunt Losing Pregnancy Weight

Emily Blunt said she wasn’t sure if this was the case for other mothers, but she lost a lot of her pregnancy weight due to breast feeding. She said she had so much milk, she could’ve “fed the village in the Middle Ages.”

Ellen: Emily Blunt The Edge Of Tomorrow Review

Emily Blunt said that in the new movie The Edge Of Tomorrow, Tom Cruise plays a major in the army who is in charge of public relations and has never seen combat. Somehow, he ends up on the front lines during the war and inherits the aliens’ power of time travel. This means he repeats the same day over and over. Emily Blunt plays a woman who went through the same thing and helps train him.

Ellen: Emily Blunt Heads Up

Emily Blunt played Ellen in a game of Heads Up. It was the accents edition, because Ellen said Emily Blunt was good at accents. She had to say, “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.” The first accent was German, but Ellen didn’t seem to get it. Finally, Emily said in the accent, “Oh my gosh. There is so much wood to chuck.” For some reason, that helped Ellen get it. Then there was Australian, which Ellen immediately got. Then she did a Boston accent, a valley girl accent, and a Russian accent. For the last one, Emily Blunt had to add, “It’s so cold. We wear these furry hats” for Ellen to get it.


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