Ellen: Ellie Kemper’s Wedding With Dolly Parton?


Ellie Kemper Tells Ellen All About Her Wedding Plans

Ellen hears all about Ellie Kemper’s wedding plans including her dream to have Dolly Parton perform at the reception!

Ellen: Ellie Kemper’s Engagement

Ellen Ellie Kemper Dolly Parton

Ellen hears all about Ellie Kemper's wedding plans including her dream to have Dolly Parton perform at the reception! (Image Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Ellie Kemper and Michael Koman recently became engaged and she told Ellen all about it.


Ellie said she wasn’t at all surprised that Michael proposed because she had told him to do it! She even made him ask her father for permission!

Ellen: Sexist Marriage Rituals

It seems bizarre that asking a father’s permission to propose to his daughter is still considered the proper thing to do. A woman doesn’t have to ask a man’s parents for permission. Why the double standard?

Furthermore, it’s impractical, as pointed out by Ellie’s musing.


“I never understand if a dad says ‘no,’ what happens?” Ellie said.

Ellen: Ellie Kemper Proposal

As Ellie told the story of how she and Michael became engaged, it became clear that she was very down-to-earth and charismatic.

She said she wanted Michael to propose to her in New York City, because that was where the two met. However, she wasn’t sure how soon they would both be in New York City, so she told Michael, “You can just ask me this week.”

Ellie’s wedding ring will be Michael’s grandmother’s ring. The two will marry in the summer of 2012.

Ellen: Dolly Parton At Ellie Kemper’s Wedding?

Ellie said that she was still planning the wedding, so a lot of the details were yet undetermined, but her dream is that Dolly Parton would sing at her wedding.

“If you’re watching,” Ellie said to the camera, hoping that Dolly was watching Ellen’s show, “I will pay at least your way there on airfare. You can take home any leftover cake. There will be probably like a free brunch the next day. And you don’t have to ‘9 to 5’ if you’re sick of it.”

“Who can say ‘no’ to that?” Ellen asked.

Ellen asked Ellie if she was serious, and Ellie said that although she understands it probably won’t happen, she is a huge Dolly Parton fan and would love for her to be at the wedding.

Ellen said that she would try to get Dolly Parton on the show to perform for Ellie and Michael.

“If you do that, I don’t know,” Ellie said, fumbling to find the words to express how much that gesture would mean to her. “I’ll give you free cake.”

“We’ll definitely do it!” Ellen said.


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