Ellen: Ellie Kemper Stripper, Wedding Plans & Dance Dare


Ellen: Ellie Kemper Dance Dare

Ellie Kemper said she was a little disappointed that she didn’t win the Dance Dare Competition; little did she know she was in for an Ellie Kemper Stripper surprise by the end of her interview.

“Initially when I saw the winners from the Dare Dare and I wasn’t named, I was offended,” she said jokingly to Ellen. “But when I saw them, I had no bone to pick. You win. You win.”


Ellen noted that Ellie Kemper comes up with a lot of her own dance moves and Ellie said it was mostly inspired by her.

“I’ve noticed that you’re sort of a master of dancing and walking at the same time,” Ellie said.

Ellen: Ellie Kemper Stripper

Ellen threw an Ellie Kemper Stripper surprise bachelorette party in the middle of her interview with the actress. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


She said that she was “a student” of dancing and walking at the same time and was very adamant about coming up with dance moves she could do while she walked. One of her signature moves, she explained to the audience was called “Stretching the Pantyhose.” It was a move that she had done on her way to her seat that was uncannily similar to the longstanding cliche “The Lawn Mower.”

“You take them out of the bag and then you stretch them out,” Ellie said as she demonstrated her dance move.

Ellen said she appreciated the recognition of her ability of dancing and walking simultaneously.

“Walking up steps dancing is a very difficult thing,” she said. “I’m glad you recognized that.”

“I’m not just a talk show host–I dance and walk up steps at the same time!”

Ellen: Ellie Kemper Party Planner

To illustrate to Ellen how much trouble she was having planning her wedding, Ellie Kemper told Ellen a recent story of how overwhelming she felt planning a small party was.

“I don’t plan things,” Ellie said. “I had never really planned a party before.”

She was going to have an Al Fresco party in celebration of a new table she bought for her patio.

“Literally the Thursday before the Saturday I was going to have them over, I panicked,” she explained.

Subsequently, Ellie said she cancelled the plan and just had a couple friends over instead.

“Even that stressed me out,” She said. “I went to Trader Joe’s and got those flat pretzels and hummus.”

Ellen teased Ellie that she sounded like the best party host ever.

Ellen: Ellie Kemper Wedding Kiss Practice

“I hear that you and your fiance are practicing your kiss?” Ellen asked Ellie Kemper. When Ellie said yes, Ellen teasingly asked, “how long have you been together?” Ellie said that although she has been with her fiance for five years and they’ve done plenty of kissing, she can’t help but be concerned because she’s “an anxious person.”

“I kiss my fiance right we say I do,” she explained. “The priest is going to be right there and my parents are going t be there.”

Ellie said it’s especially challenging for her because she’s “not a PDA person” and she feels uncertain of what type of kiss would be appropriate at the wedding.

“I don’t want it to be too passionate and gross anyone out,” she said. “But I don’t want it to be too casual and look like we’re just friends.”

Due to her anxieties about the wedding kiss, Ellie said she now has trouble remembering how she normally kisses.

“I can’t kiss him anymore,” she said. “I don’t know how to make it seem natural.”

“Well yeah,” Ellen teased. “You shouldn’t practice kissing.”

Ellen advised Ellie to just be natural in the moment and see what happens.

“I would rather just hug,” Ellie said jokingly, still speaking of her wedding. “Just shake your hand.”

Ellen: Ellie Kemper Stripper Bachelorette Party

Before commercial break, Ellen had said that she and Ellie would play Taboo. However, when they returned from commercial, it became clear that Ellen had something else in mind.

It was a really well-set-up gag. The fire alarm started going off and Ellen asked her stage manager what was going on. The stage manager said they were looking into it.

“Nobody panic,” Ellen joked.

Then a fire official walked onstage and told everyone that it was a false alarm. Ellen asked him for his name and he told her it was Craig.

“Craig, come here,” Ellen said. Then she tossed Ellie a wad of cash and Craig started stripping of his uniform to LMFAO‘s “Sexy and I Know It,” from their album Sorry For Party Rocking.

Craig was most likely a professional stripper, because he seemed very comfortable and very good at the typical stripper moves. He danced all around Ellie as she stuffed money down his clothes. The funniest moment was when he bent over with his butt in her face and she squealed and looked away. At the end of the routine, the dancer laid down against Ellie.

“Thank you so much!” Ellie said and began showering Craig with leftover money. “Here take it all!”

“Oh my gosh I am so many things right now!” Ellie said.

Ellen said she did that as a mini-bachelorette party. Then she teased Ellie for doing her signature “panty hose stretch” the whole time.

“It’s my panic move,” Ellie said.


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